The Importance of Strong Female Friendships &...

The Importance of Strong Female Friendships & Embracing the Notion of “Girl Power”

Friendship among women is a beautiful thing, and when done right, it can become an incredible source of confidence, strength and joy that can bring guidance to one’s life.  Sure, there is no denying that friendship, much like ourselves, can be complicated and imperfect, but I, for one, admire my female friends in the most powerful way.

Throughout my life, I have come to know many positive and supportive women; those who inspire me to do better and encourage me when I am faced with genuine hardships.  I value these individuals and the bonds I have formed with them, I value the love and honesty we give each other and I value the wonderful imbalance of conversations; trivial or significant.  As women, we thrive on these strong relationships for they give us an outlet to trade secrets, ambitions and fears, as well as aid our emotional and mental well-being.

Although there will always be the common misconception that female friendship is dysfunctional, perceived by rivalry and marked by jealousy and cattiness, it is important to tear down the barriers that are holding us back.  Bond with other women, seek out the people that share similar beliefs and interests, especially those who can challenge you to new experiences.  Choose friends who will lift you up!

Everyone talks about the notion of “girl power” and “girl squad,” which is spectacular, but until we believe in our own strengths, as well as embrace the talents, skills and wisdom of each other, that is when we will truly create a shift in consciousness.  When we connect, rather than divide, we are promoting positive changes about female friendship and how we interact with each other.  In other words, take note of the “dancing lady” emoji and treasure your support-systems!
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Sarah Regan