How to Create an Oasis from Your Home

How to Create an Oasis from Your Home

You’re constantly feeling stressed out from work and need to unwind, but you simply can’t go to a spa resort every single day. Luckily for you, you can enjoy the luxury of wellness in the comfort of your home with just a couple of easy tricks. By following just a few re-decoration tips, you can change the atmosphere in your home from dull and uninteresting to serene and inspiring. Therefore, we have singled out our top suggestions how you can turn your home into an oasis of peace and start enjoying a carefree lifestyle, even for you first home buyers. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Calm lighting options

Many people don’t know this, but having the right lighting in your home can help one create a truly relaxed atmosphere perfect for meditating. First things first, during the day it’s extremely important to let the sunshine and air in because natural light is beneficial to our skin and soul. On the other hand, during the evening, it’s recommendable to go for some ambient lighting like backlit wall panels which won’t cause you eyestrain and headaches. If you need an electrician to move any lights or to install adjustable lighting then try looking at Electrician Raleigh for help. The right lighting can help you in so many ways and you should definitely try to look into changing your lighting to make your life a little better through allowing more fulfilling meditation. However, if you truly want to achieve a Zen state, we recommend opting for aromatherapy candles which are ideal for setting the mood for a meditation session or late-night reading. Candles are a great way to relax and unwind as they create a calming atmosphere in any room they’re placed in. If aromatherapy candles aren’t your style, why not browse these luxury essential oil candles for a luxurious vibe in your home.

Relaxing with the right furniture

Another great way to turn your home into a no-stress zone is to incorporate furniture pieces that contribute to creating a comfortable and inviting environment. Finding a shop with furniture that is not only cozy and comfortable and soft in colors will certainly bring you into a stress-free zone. For instance, you simply can’t go wrong by getting a large lounge for your living room where everyone can curl up and watch their favourite shows or listen to music. Furthermore, don’t forget to bring in a bunch of bean-bag chairs great for laidback evenings with your friends. Additionally, if you have a beautiful porch and a backyard, make sure to invest in a nice comfy hammock, kick back and enjoy your favourite book while sipping a glass of wine.

The spa retreat bathroom

The bathroom is definitely the number one place where we come to unwind from a long day with a warm soothing bath. Therefore, it’s essential to design it accordingly. The first step is to go for earthy pastel tones like beige and grey because they add a natural feel to the whole place. Additionally, invest in essential oils, soaps and other soothing bath products that will help your body get rid of the accumulated stress. Lastly, every professional interior designer will tell you that you can’t spell Zen bathroom without a quality bathtub. Elegant bathtubs from ACS Designer Bathrooms will serve as a great statement piece to tie the whole room together and will let you indulge in long, relaxing baths.

Add some greenery

Turning your home into a relaxed space can only be properly achieved with lots of greenery and flowers. For this reason, we strongly suggest investing some time into exploring various indoor flower arrangements until you find the one which suits your taste and senses the best. For example, homeowners are now going crazy for small potted trees like the dwarf palm or lemon tree since they both immensely enhance the quality of air in your place. Additionally, if you are too busy to take care of the high-maintenance flowers, feel free to opt for some low-maintenance alternatives since they look equally beautiful but don’t demand that much attention.

Opt for a minimalistic approach

We can look at our home as a reflection of our state of mind. Therefore, just like we would want to remove all the negative thoughts that keep us down, we have to get rid of all the items in our home that simply overcrowd the space and make it feel stuffy. The first step of this process is definitely to eliminate electronic disturbances like phones and the TV since these items are known to inhibit relaxation. On top of that, keep redundant decoration to a minimum, but don’t hesitate to add some interesting items such as wall embroidery or wooden Tiki masks since they can break the monotony and further contribute to the serene atmosphere in your house.

Unwinding in the bedroom

The bedroom should be your special place designated for relaxation and rejuvenation of your body and mind. For starters, make sure that your nightstand is not an extension of your office full of miscellaneous items like a laptop and piles of paper. Instead, go only for essentials like a book, some skin care and water. Additionally, try to avoid sleeping next to your phone, but rather try to keep it on mute and at least three feet away. Most importantly, turning off the alarm clock every now and then will significantly reduce any tension you may have built up before going to bed. Lastly, our best advice is to always keep the room cool for a great stress-alleviating rest.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to turn your home into a true oasis of relaxation and peace. All it takes is following these guidelines, figuring out what truly relaxes you and going for it. Good luck with your redecoration project.

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