8 Fitness Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Workouts

8 Fitness Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Workouts

Achieving our goal weight and maintaining a well-toned body is the ultimate dream for most of us. A lot of people complain about not having the motivation of working towards these targets. On the contrary, some people put in hard work and sweat it out for hours in the gym but are unable to see results. Being a fitness trainer myself, I have seen people lose hope because they think nothing would work for them. Our bodies are wonderful machines, and exercise will release so many hormones, endorphins, and creatin that will have all sorts of effects on your body.

Now you may wonder that what goes wrong. Why can’t these people see results even after they work hard enough? Well, let me make a revelation that may sound surprising: “You can work out the right way and still not lose weight!” That is because many of us make simple mistakes that can spoil all the efforts made at the gym. These may be so common that you wouldn’t be able to identify the problems and their detrimental effects. Of course, we learn by trial and error. But to save you the trouble, I bring you the list of 8 fitness mistakes that you must watch out for:

Skipping the Most Important Meal of the Day

The essential meal of the day is the one you might be taking for granted- the mighty breakfast. People have the misconception that skipping the day’s first meal will help them lose weight which is entirely incorrect. In fact, breakfast boosts your immunity helping you burn a higher number of calories throughout the day. A balanced breakfast in the morning provides you maximum energy for staying active all day long and curbs your hunger pangs.

Eat a healthy meal based on fresh juices or smoothies, oatmeal, sandwiches or salads.

Not Warming Up

Warming up before exercise is necessary to prepare your body for the exertion. It increases the body temperature, blood circulation to the muscles and heart-rate. When we work out our muscles expand and contract. If the muscles aren’t warm, they can tear due to the lengthening and shortening. The increase in circulation wakes up your nervous system and prepares the brain to endure the high stresses.

Always ensure that you go through a dynamic warm-up before beginning any workout so you can reap maximum benefits out of the exercise without the risk of injuries.

Not Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water before workouts is all the more important because our body loses water as sweat. Dehydration also decreases muscular strength, power, and endurance during high-intensity training. It also adversely impacts the post-workout Muscle Protein Synthesis. So make sure you gulp about 8 ounces of water almost half an hour before hitting the gym and 16 ounces after getting done. It is not only water you should be drinking but also electrolyte powder, that will help replenish a lot of the minerals that your body has lost during the workout. Using something like MAGNAK’s Speed Sauce, could help eliminate stomach cramps and reduce tiredness, you can get more info about this on the link.

Sticking to the Same Workouts

If you want to see some noticeable difference, you need to switch from the simple movements. Focus on your weak areas and try exercises to help you with your weaknesses. To build muscle, it is vital to transition to heavier loads gradually. If you started off with the two pounders and since then have not transitioned or if the movements you are doing seem too easy now, it is time to add a little more weight. Challenging yourself is vital but remember that you don’t need to make massive changes. Consult your trainer about increasing weight and stay aware of your body’s physical limitations.

Not Fueling up the Body before Exercise

You need to pay attention to your workout nutrition as it plays a significant role in fueling and preparing your body. Getting some extra protein in you with help from the products over at can help give you the big boost you need beforehand. A healthy pre and post-workout diet should be based on carbs and protein.

Carbs are your body’s natural source of energy but remember to not load up on the unhealthy and processed kinds. Eat a meal composed of complex, slow digesting carbs. Protein enhances your energy expenditure; consumption of protein immediately after a workout can boost muscle protein synthesis. You can have supplementation based on whey protein and casein; some people rely on creatine for body-building. The post-workout meal also needs to contain carbs as they increase glycogen storage and protein repair.

Not Measuring Time

The workout aspects that we may overlook are speed and rest durations. No matter what workout you are doing it is essential to follow the directed speed and rest durations between sets to achieve the desired results. So keep an eye on the clock and don’t lose focus while training.

Not Stretching after Gym

Your muscles could use a good stretch after intense workouts. It will help elongate them and increase blood circulation. It can also assist in breaking the release of lactic acid. Those who don’t stretch the tightened areas may complain about stiffness later on.

Not Letting Your Body Rest

The gains don’t just show up due to exercise; recovery time also plays a primary role. During recovery time the actual effects of the training take place. The glycogen and fluid stores get replenished, and tissues are repaired.

After you get done with gym and your post-workout meal, be sure to head home to take some rest. Adequate sleep is also crucial for recovery and also impacts your overall performance at the gym.

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