Grass Roots Meat Box: A Food Review & Giveawa...

Grass Roots Meat Box: A Food Review & Giveaway

Hey guys, it’s just me talking about food again ::waves hand:: and as you know, if I’m talking about food it has to be GOOD. A couple months ago, Grass Roots reached out to me and asked if I’d try their farmer-owned, customizable meat box if they sent me one. Since I’m allllll about healthy meat options and food subscriptions, I agreed but warned them that I am picky about what I eat, and that my review would be an honest one.

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Their meats are 100%  GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and growth-hormone-free. They are 100% pasture-raised, so they’re happier and healthier than mass-produced meat. Because their goal is to authenticate the integrity of your food, the package tells you everything you need to know from who raised and processed it to how much it cost to raise. Not only does my food taste good– but I know where it comes from and that’s important to me as well.

For my first box I chose:

  • Filets

Dinner for me & the hubs. I prepared these as usual with a yummy rub in my cast iron skillet.

  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts

Perfect for food prep, I tossed these in my instant pot and out came perfect tasting, shreddable chicken.

  • Pork shoulder roast

Some of you may have seen my Insta story where I broke down making carnitas for Taco Tuesday

  • Beef short ribs

These bad boys were rubbed, seared, tossed in the Instant Pot, glazed and put under the broiler for a few minutes.

  • Ground beef

This was perfect for the hubs and I to cook and break up for separate meals.

  • Bacon 

We literally ate this every single morning until it was gone.

What I love about Grass Roots


I loved that I was able to customize my box completely. As a control freak this is super important to me. I hate just getting stuff that I don’t know if I’ll eat or not or have to somehow work into my plan. Surprises are great, but when you count your macros, it makes it a bit harder.


In comparison to other subscription meat boxes, the price of the items were really great. This along with the customization element makes it so that you aren’t spending a fortune and can get as much or as little as you want. We love it because we’re getting better quality meat for the same price or a little more than we do at the grocery store.

Taste & Quality

You don’t realize how much junk is in our meat supply until you eat meat without it. The meat from Grass Roots just tasted fresher and so delicious.


The pork shoulder roast seriously made my freaking week. If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I celebrate Taco Tuesday and every week I change up the type and style of meat. Making carnitas was such a great change of pace especially since we so rarely eat pork. Between that and the short ribs, it’s reason enough to order more.


grass roots, meat, meat box, meat subscription

I hate grocery shopping, so nothing beats having meat shipped straight to your door!

 The Giveaway

Head over to my Instagram @xtalrose where I’m giving away your very own customizable Grass Roots box! Must be 18+ and live in the continental US to enter. Woot!

Get $50 off your first Grass Roots box with code NEWYOU50!






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