VIDEO Unicorn Thoughts: Vol 11 – Do Things T...

VIDEO Unicorn Thoughts: Vol 11 – Do Things That Suck

Today I want to talk about why you should do things that suck, and why it’s good for you to do things that suck. When I was in Costa Rica, one of the activities we did was waterfall rappelling. About a step and a half into it, I realized I hated it. Like completely, jump up and down hated it. There wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t hate it. I kinda sorta sucked at it. Definitely fell at a couple of points. Was pinned to the waterfall. I only did it once, because I was not one of those people who wanted to do it again.

It was funny because this last weekend, I ran a Spartan Beast.As you can see, mohair is Carolina red clay orange. It was kinda crazy, because there were several instances that required some form of rappelling. It got me thinking about how sometimes the stuff that really sucks that we have to do, whether it’s in our training or in business, you see it again. And this time when you see it, it’s more of like the real deal.

I’m in the middle of this 13 mile obstacle course run, and I have to rappel up this vertical wooden thing, or I need to rappel down into this water and I can’t just go over it. I can’t breeze by it. I have to just do it.

It just kinda got me thinking that sometimes the stuff we hate the most, the really shitty stuff, is gonna come up again later. If we skip it the first time around, or if we try to find a way around it, it’s gonna come back.

Do the things that suck. I promise you that it’ll be worth it eventually, and that it will definitely pay off.

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