Useful Tips to Leave Unhappiness Behind and Build ...

Useful Tips to Leave Unhappiness Behind and Build a Better You

The reason you’ve googled this topic or stumbled upon it by chance but felt a strong need to read it is probably due to the fact that you’ve been feeling unhappy with yourself lately, at least on some level. But hey, that’s okay; we’ve all been there. The bad news is that this feeling will keep coming back “‘ or stay grounded altogether “‘ unless you deal with it. The good news is that you can deal with it, as long as your mind and heart are in the right place. Trust me, I know.

So, what gives me the right to tell you all this? Well, as someone who’s been in your shoes – the ones that have become all ripped from running around chasing jobs, opportunities, deadlines, health-checkups, lovers, friends and, ultimately, myself – I think I can say that I understand what you are going through.

Practice gratitude and mental hygiene

Although unhappiness is indeed a broad term and one often linked to a range of negative feelings you are potentially harvesting, the truth is – unhappiness can be moderate, excluded from the bigger picture and focused on a few key elements of your everyday life, of your emotions and overall daily dynamics. This difficult, sometimes even unbearable feeling is known to be triggered by the actions we don’t take, feelings we don’t express, thoughts we don’t communicate and, ultimately, the lives we build but don’t get to live. Luckily, all these triggers and circumstances can be changed “‘ and will change “‘ the moment you realize that the starting point of everything you do is YOU. You deserve more, you deserve everything. Don’t you think it’s high time you got it?

Start doing yoga and reconnecting with your inner-self. Write positive affirmations and say them out loud every morning and before you go to sleep. Keep a journal of good things that have happened to you. The more positivity you invite in your life, the more of it you will attract. Try to ditch the negative frame altogether.

Put yourself first

Frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed with the circumstances you feel trapped in day after day can often lead to various forms of emotional and psychological dissatisfaction that will eventually end up significantly lowering the quality of your life, self-care and stability.

To live happily, you need to learn to put yourself first and listen to the signals your body and mind are sending you. Prevent the “overload burnout” and get refocused on the positive by loving yourself, not exhausting yourself. You could even take a supplement like these edible gummies to help you manage any feelings of stress/anxiety that you may encounter, as well as a whole host of other potential benefits. Open a journal and make priorities based on your workday, life and activities. Pen down some “relax time”. Make a commitment to never skip it. The better you take care of yourself, the happier you’ll be, and your relationships will significantly increase in quality.

Eat well

Do you really want to live a life deprived of all that’s making it as wonderful as it is just because you’ve got one too many pending deadlines and an overbooked schedule? Are the countless cups of coffee, reheated pizza slices, stale chocolate donuts, missed yoga or boxing lessons and hours of sitting on your butt what you want your life to look like, long-term? I should hope not.

Our bodies aren’t naturally wired to get powered on processed foods. Yes, you’ll get the instant boost of energy but you’ll also pile up the extra pounds, suffer terrible moods swings, develop sugar addictions, lose sleep and feel heavy. Your mind won’t be as sharp either, and chances are you’ll be waking up even more tired than you were when you went to bed. Try to gradually eliminate all the bad foods from your diet and introduce healthy elements, vitamins, minerals and fluids. Introduce vitamins B, D, K and elements like curcumin and organic apple cider vinegar to stabilize your blood pressure, help with migraines, help lose weight and improve your health. Combine the right ingredients together and you will see phenomenal results on both your body and your mind.

Sleep & be active

For a happy body and mind, sleep is essential. Squeeze in as much sleep as possible, even if we’re talking about those little 15-minute naps between projects. They’ll give you an instant energy boost! If you don’t have time to go to the gym, take a run around your block or do some yoga in the comfort of your own home. Walk home from work or clean the house to get your blood pumping. With the change in diet, sleep and physical activity, your whole body will flourish.

Good luck on your journey to self-care, I wish you all the best. Remember: when you’ve got yourself, you’ve got everything.

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