What It Takes to be an Awesome Fitness Ambassador ...

What It Takes to be an Awesome Fitness Ambassador or Sponsored Athlete

Let’s talk about what it takes to be an ambassador or a rep of a company– not just ours but ANY company.

We only have a small amount of ambassadors/sponsored athletes but we get TONS of submissions from girls who want to rep our brand. So many that I’m not really able to reply to every single one. You would think I’d want an army of reps right? Wrong.

If you want to rep a company, so much that you reach out to them and tell them. You BETTAH be doing these 5 things if you want them to take you seriously.

1. Already be a customer

How on Earth are you qualified to rep a company if you’ve never tried out their stuff? How can you be excited about repping a brand, if you don’t have firsthand experience with it? It’s impossible to be authentic with your followers– which in the era of fake as hell IG land, it’s important. This is the first thing I look for and it’s a huge red flag if they aren’t.

2. Show not tell

It’s one thing to be a customer. It’s another to shout your love for a company from the rooftops. Of course in this case we’re talking the virtual rooftops of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Polyvore, Snapchat, your blog– whatever. If you want to be a rep– you need to rep. Companies don’t want to pay you or give you free stuff to show that you love them, they want to reward you for already doing it.

3. You’re active in the community

This is one I don’t think some people think about. A lot of brands have their own communities and pages you can be active in. Our group is an example of that. It’s not about posting your purchases all the time (though we love it when you do) but it’s about engaging with others in the community. Answering questions, posting progress, helping others, adding humor and giving motivation. Show your support by making the community a better place for everyone in it.

4. You have an engaged following

Huge followings are cool, but you know what’s cooler? An engaged following. If you have a 10,000 followers but 30 likes on a picture, that just looks shady. There are BIG people in the industry buying followers. Huge names that you’d never expect to stoop to that level– but they do. So companies and brands are no longer only looking at the big numbers anymore, we’re looking at the behavior of your following. Are they commenting? Do they love you? Are you actually influential to them? THAT matters far more and if you can show that, your value goes way up.

5. You express what you can bring to the table

Look, it’s super flattering that you want to rep my little company, but you have to remember that when you reach out– you’re actually asking to be supported by us. I don’t take ambassadorship or sponsorship lightly. I want my girls to know that I am THERE for them if they need something, especially because I know they are there for me. For me it goes way, way beyond hocking my products. I am inviting them into my little family. I am allowing them to take part in growing my little baby business. That’s special and it should be treated as such. So when you reach out you need to remember that you are asking for this brand to support you, so first and foremost you need to express what you’re already doing to support us. How you can help us grow and bring value.

Sooooo there it is. Whether you want to rep us or another brand THAT is the secret sauce and what it takes to not only be a rep, but a badass one at that.

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