Daily Harvest: A Food Review

Daily Harvest is a subscription service that offers a variety of smoothies, breakfast options and now desserts made from fruit, veggies and mostly organic ingredients.

I’ve never been a big fan of veggies. As a kid, I would sit at the table like a terrorist refusing to eat something green that was on my plate. Being threatened with having to eat it for breakfast or not being allowed to have dessert didn’t shake me in the slightest. I was firm in my resolve.

As a grownup I’m still pretty picky. Less picky, but picky nonetheless. This obviously makes achieving my fitness goals challenging. I find ways to sneak veggies into my regular meals and sometimes make them the base for volume. But if I’m going to eat veggies, they better taste amazing.

Enter Daily Harvest. In my efforts to sneak more micronutrients into my life, I subscribed to try it out. I first started with the 7 a week option and am now at the 24 a month option. They have a large variety of options so I’m going to break each down each type so you can make an educated decision if you decide to try it out.

The Options


There are sooooo many smoothie flavors. Some of them are more like a juice smoothie, where it’s wise to add something light like coconut water or even something like a La Croix. And there are creamier flavors where I tend to opt for a cashew or almond milk. Sometimes, I’ll even add protein powder to the creamier ones.

The majority of the smoothies are bomb and for the most part, pretty macro friendly. My personal creamy faves are the Cacao Mint and the Carrot Chia. For the lighter options I’m in love with the Strawberry Peach and Pineapple Matcha.


So I’m honestly not a giant fan of Daily Harvest’s oat options. I tried the Pumpkin Chai cold as overnight oats and while the flavor was good, I’m not a fan of raisins so picking them out sort of ruined it for me. I tried the Mulberry & Dragon fruit warm and wasn’t very impressed with the flavor. Needless to say, I won’t be continuing to add these to my sub.

Like all of their products, it’s annoying that the nutrition breakdown for 1 serving is for ½ the container. So being that an entire container isn’t very macro friendly I tend to split these in half, which really is plenty of food for a quick snack.

Chia Parfaits

I much prefer the overnight preparation style and flavor of the Daily Harvest chia parfaits to the oats. The Blackberry & Majik is my favorite and I also enjoyed the Mango + Golden Milk. They are delicious and just like the oats (only better) I split them in half to fit them into my daily meals.


I ordered the Turmeric & Lemongrass broth, thinking I’d be getting a broth. Unfortunately, rather than just a broth it came with a bunch of veggies I wasn’t a fan of. So I skipped the soup and can’t really give much insight there. (Look, I’m picky okay?)


These were a recent addition and I was pretty excited to try them, so I ordered one of each. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan. First off, the flavors that featured cauliflower were just straight up gross. Just ew. I couldn’t do it. Maybe you love cauliflower and are thrilled to have them blended into a dessert, but not for me. Overall the flavor and execution of their sundaes just weren’t good enough to replace my Halotop.

The Daily Harvest Conclusion

I will still continue to order daily harvest as I love some of their smoothies and the chia parfaits make an awesome morning snack. I also love that I can sneak more nutrients into my diet without thinking about it much. If you’re interested in trying Daily Harvest out you can use this link and get 3 cups for free: https://daily-harvest.com/r/RE-39Y2872


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