VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol. 6 – Failing Fas...

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol. 6 – Failing Fast

This week I want to talk about failure and failing fast. A lot of people talk about how you shouldn’t be afraid of failure, how it’s a learning experience, blah, blah, BLAH. This is all true. We can learn from failure. We learn from our mistakes. It’s really important. But I like to adopt the philosophy of failing fast. I’ll tell you what this means.

A lot of the time, I make really stupid decisions. I make choices that don’t really benefit me. I waste money. And these are all little failures. I take a risk to learn something, to do something, to see if something will work. Going to Africa, or starting a business. These are all things that you can kind of fail at.

When I make these choices, I give myself enough time to assess how it’s going, but if I’m going to fail at something, I do it as fast as possible, I reassess, and I move on. If something isn’t working, rather than spending all this time being miserable, I see how something works, see it isn’t working out, and move on.

Sometimes you really need to play something out and see how it goes, but failing fast means that you’re not going to dangle there and continue to flail. You learn from it quickly and then move one. I try stuff all the time that doesn’t work, so I learn from it and move on.

When you think about it that way, you are more likely to learn from it. It’s not just some loose idea that we learn from all of our mistakes. You really will.

Get in the habit of failing fast, assessing your situation, and then figuring out what you can do to apply it moving forward.

We’re gonna talk about failure again, and probably again, but I just wanted to give you that one little tidbit to think about this week. Go kick some ass, and go crush your goals!

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