VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 9 – A Rant About...

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 9 – A Rant About “Coaches”

Happy Monday! This week is more of a rant. As a lot of you may know, I’m a business owner. On Facebook, I get a lot of ads from coaches or gurus about things like “learn how to Facebook advertise,” etc. It got me to thinking about how saturated the “coaching” market is.

I noticed that a lot of people who are coaching have never had an actual, successful business. It’s more that they’re coaching you how to be a coach. Or they’re coaching you how to blow up your Facebook advertising or Instagram, but they don’t have a business of their own. You’d be better off looking to get more info from companies who directly handle this and other marketing strategies, to be honest. And then there’s life coaches, fitness coaches, and business coaches.

I think there are 2 parts to it: credentials or know-how and application. These are both important in their own ways, and something you need to consider when looking for someone to help you with hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming benefits. I definitely think that there can be someone who has the application but may not necessarily have the credentials, and that’s ok. Having the credentials but not being able to apply it is almost worse.

I know someone whose life is in shambles, but she’s becoming a life coach. She has absolutely no idea how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of an online life coach these days. I spoke to someone on the phone for an hour for free trying to help them make their online business successful. Three months later, she told me that she is now a success and business coach, and to let her know if I need her services.

These are the things that I’m coming across, and they drive me crazy. It really frustrates me, because the application is really important. If you’re telling people that you can help them lose weight or get strong, you better have done it yourself.

If you haven’t, that is a huge missing part of the puzzle. Granted, there are people who have done things in a really unhealthy way. They have the application, and you can see the results, but it’s not exactly always the best way to do it. That’s where the lack of credentials is really important.

It’s really hard to tell in this era of the internet, with people buying followers and telling you they’re the best. Be careful. If you’re going to work with someone, make sure you know them, that you’ve talked to them and seen them do things. Let’s say, as an example, you have a business and you’ve been speaking to a number of companies similar to the likes of The Alternative Board, or many others that could offer you coaching sessions for your various business needs, would you opt for a coach that markets themselves as the best, or would you take the time to look through some credentials and testimonials from past businesses that have used their services? This way you can even see how they managed to become more successful and whether it’s genuine or not.

A lot of the times, we see people rise, but it’s not always real. I myself, personally, have been really disappointed lately to find out that someone I admired that I’ve admired for a really long time is pretty fake.

We all just need to trust ourselves. If you’re going to have someone help guide you along the way, make sure that they know what they’re talking about, and that they won’t take advantage of the fact that you might not.

I hope you guys have an awesome week. Kick some ass!

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