VIDEO Unicorn Thoughts Vol 10: Dealing with Breaku...

VIDEO Unicorn Thoughts Vol 10: Dealing with Breakups – Romantic, Friendships, and Business

Happy Monday! Today I want to talk about breaking up. Not necessarily just romantic relationships, but business partners, friendships, all of that.

I, personally, in the last year and a half, have gone through many breakups. It almost looks like a slaughter. From business partners, project partners, friends, people I thought were friends, I’ve just been cleaning house.

What I’ve learned as I have been doing this is that it doesn’t always have to be dramatic. I’ve written and article about how breakups don’t have to be justified by drama, but I feel like this is also true for friendships and business relationships.

One, that person doesn’t have to have done something horrible for it to warrant you no longer wanting to be their friend or partner. And two, the actual severing of ties doesn’t have to be dramatic either. More often than not, I just say my piece and wait on their response. Generally, if that person isn’t willing to fight for the friendship or relationship, or even acknowledge how I’m feeling, what I’m upset about, or doesn’t get it, then I’m done. It’s an exorbitant waste of energy to try to explain to someone when they’re being shitty and they don’t see it. I don’t need that.

That has been a big thing for me over the last year, but I know that the internet can make these breakups harder.It’s like a small town, because you’re going to see them everywhere. Sometimes you become friends with their friends, and you see posts about them. I think that can get kind of hard, especially if it’s a romantic relationship, or a friendship that you really cared about.

I know that my friends that I cared for that I no longer talk to, I still miss them, and I don’t feel anger. But then with people who I feel like screwed me over, or are just narcissistic or assholes, every time I see their posts, I feel fury. I have started to just unfollow the people who are pissing me off, or the ones whose posts are painful for me.

You have to take care of yourself, but it doesn’t have to be dramatic. There’s no need to fight over who’s going to be friends with whom. Just let the chips fall. Not everyone needs to know how shitty they are. Of course you want to tell the world how shitty they are, but karma’s a bitch, and those people are, too. They will get theirs. You just have to keep doing you. People will see for themselves how right you were or how wrong they are.

Your authenticity is what matters most. Remember, it doesn’t have to be dramatic for you to want to break things off, and the breakup doesn’t have to be dramatic either.

Have a great week, guys!

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