VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 3 – Be the Perso...

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 3 – Be the Person You Wish to Attract

This week I want to talk about being the person you wish to attract. This could be taken as dating advice more so than anything else, but it also can be good for business, friendships, etc.

A lot of people in the dating pool talk about how their single, because they’re not going to settle, and I think that’s really good. It’s really important that we aren’t just with someone so we’re not alone. That happens way too often. I think it’s important to wait until the right person comes along.

However, I think it’s really important to do the work on yourself, also. I see a lot of people kind of being dicks in the dating world. Or they play games like, “he didn’t text me back for an hour, so I’m gonna wait a day to text him back!” STOP! Be the person you wish to attract. If you want to attract a person who is considerate, kind, caring, and loving, you need to be considerate, kind, caring, and loving.

No, it’s not a waste for you to be that person with someone who isn’t the person you wish to attract. You just need to stand up and say, “Ok. This isn’t the right person. Let’s move on.” Don’t just stay with them and get ran over and blame it on people being dicks, women like assholes, or men just want a bitch. No. You spent too much time with the wrong person.

You need to be a lot more discerning with who you allow into your life. If they give you a red flag, it’s time to go. buh-bye. But you also have to do the work on yourself. You have to be the type of person you want to be with. Be the type of friend you want to have.

Yes, you’re going to get walked over. There are going to be a lot of people who don’t deserve to be in your life. It’s fine. We’re not made to have hundreds of really good friendships, or mates. 1 or 2 will do when it comes to friends.

Same thing with clients. Be easy to deal with. You will have clients who are great and easy to work with. You’re going to have friends who give back, unlike some people in your past who may have been takers and who never gave back.¬†And you’re going to have the right potential mate walk into your life, as opposed to going through a pile of people who suck.

So, be the person you wish to attract and be discerning in allowing who you let into your life, and you’re going to attract the right people or person. Do the work on yourself. It’s going to suck. It sucks to look at our own flaws. But it’s totally worth it.


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