VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 5 – Your Inspos

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 5 – Your Inspos

Last week I wrote an article about the fitness inspirations that you need to stop worshipping. This week I want to talk about your inspos, whether that be a business inspiration, a writer inspiration, a fitness inspiration, just someone that you follow, probably on social media, who you aspire to be like.

There’s nothing wrong with have an inspiration. I think we all need that. It gives us something to strive for when have these people who are accessible but also kind of out of our reach.

Gary V is one of mine. There are too many women to name whom I absolutely love and adore. The thing is, it always starts out with drawing parallels. I read Sophia Amaroso’s Girl Boss, and there’s so much in there that we’re similar with, like our management styles.

At first we kinda feel like, “wow, this and this is very similar, so this gives me hope.” But then, over time, because it’s such a slow process to see success in anything really, we put this person so much higher on this pedestal, and then we start to feel discouraged. We feel that we can never get there.

That’s bullshit. The difference between you and your inspo is that they’re doing it. They’ve put in the work to already be there.

Obviously, everyone is going to be on varying levels of success. You can very well be on your way, or you may just be starting out.

We make our inspos into people who are special, rather than someone who is just like us. This person that you are following, that is inspiring you

They haven’t given up. They just keep going. That is the difference between someone who is mega successful and someone who wants to be, but isn’t there yet. You have to understand that you can be there. If that is something you want, and if you can see it in your mind’s eye, you can achieve it.

It takes a lot of work, preparation, and the right opportunities to get to where you want to be, but these people are just people.

Next time you look at your inspos and you think that you’ll never get there, remind yourself that there’s nothing special about them that you don’t already have inside of you.

Go chase down your goals, cross of your to-do list, and kick some ass!

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