VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 4 – Uncertainty

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 4 – Uncertainty

Today I want to talk to you about the one thing that’s holding you back. No, it’s not fear. People talk about fear, taking risks, and being afraid of taking risks is what holds people back, but I disagree. If you are being held back from pursuing your goals, it’s not fear that’s holding you back. It’s uncertainty.

A lot of the times, we stay in shitty jobs we hate or miserable relationships because of uncertainty. We want to be certain that if we leave this job, we can make the same amount of money or have the same amount of security somewhere else. We want to be certain that if we leave this person, we can find someone later on. We want to be certain, and that it what is holding you back and keeping you where you are stuck.

You have to let go of this whole idea of being certain. You have to let go, take the leap, and have faith and trust in yourself that you can accomplish what you set out to.

I’m not saying to be stupid and quit your job tomorrow without a plan, or start a business without doing any research, or end a relationship without going through the steps to figure out what exactly you want. But, I know people who are fucking miserable with their lives, and they are stuck where they are because of uncertainty.

We have to make these decisions because we know we’re going to be happier if we leave that job, that relationship, or those shitty friends. Whatever it is, you have to let go of the idea that you have to be certain. You’re never going to be certain. If that holds you back, you’re going to be stuck there forever.

The one thing holding you back is the need for certainty and your unwillingness to leap into uncertainty.

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