VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 2 – Motivation

VIDEO: Unicorn Thoughts Vol 2 – Motivation

This week I want to talk about motivation. I hear you guys ask how I stay motivated, and I feel like the topic has been talked to death. I know I say it a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of other people post about it. It’s not about motivation. Motivation is fleeting. It lasts maybe a week or two, if you’re lucky.

The problem with motivation is that it is fleeting, and it’s like a lucky little zap. It’s something that you have and you want to use it when you have it. I know for me it’s not something that I have all the time. 9 times out of 10, I’m not motivated. Sure, I like to train, but I’m not always excited to head into the gym. Sometimes I drag ass, and I don’t really get going until I started.

Also, what motivates me isn’t what motivates you. If you were to have my motivation, it probably wouldn’t work for you. It’s not about motivation. It’s about discipline.

Discipline is about cultivating good habits, so when you’re no longer motivated, you have the habit, and the discipline, to keep you going. I try to go into the gym at the same time every day, and I have a very sustainable diet. It’s just automatic. I have cultivated habits that keep me on track.

This can go for anything from work to fitness. It’s not about motivation. It’s about cultivating habits of discipline and continuing to reach towards your goals. You’ll have your moments of motivation, but good luck if that’s all you’re relying on.You will fail if you are reliant on motivation to keep you going. You have to cultivate discipline, and you have to cultivate good habits that will keep you disciplined.

That was your Monday Tuesday morning ass slap. I figured a lot of people were taking Monday off for the holiday. See you next week!

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