Review: Low Kalz Protein Bars

If you know anything about me or have followed my Instagram for more than 24 hours then you know that I love to eat. I mean like, really love it. So when companies reach out to me and ask me to review (and more importantly eat) their products, I rarely say no.

Low Kalz is a new line of protein bars. They’re made with almond flour and have no preservatives, so they require refrigeration. They currently have 3 flavors, Tropical Blueberry, Banana Chocolate, and Apple Cranberry, and each bar is 100 calories or less. Low Kalz recently sent me one of each flavor, so I could review them for you.

Apple Cranberry

7p 7c 5f

This one tasted like an apple cranberry muffin. Which was good, but not my favorite.

Banana Chocolate

7p 11c 5f

Tasted just like Nana’s banana bread! (Okay but like, don’t tell her that.)

Tropical Blueberry

7p 7c 5f

This flavor was so different I really liked it. Kind of sweet and tropical with a hint of blueberry. This one was definitely my favorite of the three bars.



The Verdict

Overall the flavor on these bars was great. The macro ratio is pretty awesome. I love when protein matches or comes close to matching the carbs on a bar.

Because I’m a pretty heavy lifter, 100 calories isn’t really a snack for me. It’s more of a bite. So these bars made me a bit sad. I feel like if they would need to be at least 3x the size in order for me to eat them regularly.  However, if you’re cutting or on a weight loss journey, this could be a great snack for you. Taste-wise -I liked them. I just wanted more!

If you’d like to give them a try, head to and use code 30OFF for a 30% discount.



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