4 Fitspos You Need to Stop Worshipping

4 Fitspos You Need to Stop Worshipping

The Extremespo

This person believes that their way is the best way and that’s it. They don’t care about science or what has or hasn’t been proven. They do what works for them and also think that you should do what works for them. Usually this person doesn’t have anything close to a flexible approach but more like an “all or nothing, do or die” sort of mantra.

Why this is dangerous

We live in a world that is not just black and white, there are many, many shades of grey and the health and fitness world is no exception to this. When you believe there is only one way, you are setting yourself up for a failure, guilt, and a shame spiral sandwich.

The Bullyspo

You know that fit person on the Internet that is kind of motivating but also kind of mean? The one that’s always shouting at you from their posts, “How bad do you want it??” and “No excuses!” So you kind of feel like a POS for not being more motivated, disciplined and consistent?

That person is an asshole. It seems somewhere along the way in their fitness journey they have forgotten that little word called compassion. Instead, it seems like they are intent on making you feel bad about yourself for not being like them.

Why this is dangerous

Making people feel bad about themselves when they get off track tends to have the opposite effect of what (I hope) is intended. As simple of a concept as this is, consistency is hard. Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to derail progress, and if you feel bad about it the chance you’ll spend more time off the track is higher.

The question isn’t “How bad do you want it?” more like “How can you make this fit into your lifestyle better so you can stick to it?

The Sickspo

I saw something the other day that absolutely appalled me. Someone basically glamorized a medical condition due to her under-eating, and quite possibly overtraining. What bothers me more than the fact that she was acting as though the condition was a cool thing– is that other women genuinely admire her.

Why this is dangerous

This behavior can lead to potential eating disorders and health conditions all in the name of what? Vanity? Aesthetics are NOT everything and they do not equal health. Just because someone is shredded or has abs doesn’t mean they are healthy or that they got there in a healthy way. Competitors dip down in body fat all the time, and (most) are aware that staying there isn’t healthy to sustain.

The Full of Shitspo

Fit tea. Waist trainers. Endless air squats. A giant ass she swears is all from hard work. Yeahhhh come on girl. Look, I have no problem with people getting plastic surgery, but if you get butt implants, attribute it to your hard work in the gym and then sell your amazing booty training program—you are a large part of what’s wrong with this industry. This person constantly shoves their gimmicks in your face, the temptation to buy into it grows, and then you end up wasting your money without being any closer to your goals.

Why this is dangerous

This fitspo instills the belief that it’s not that hard to get the results you want. That there is always a quick fix around the corner. You end up chasing that magic pill rather than just putting in the work, so you are constantly failing.

The Real Fitspo You Need to Worship

She puts in consistent work at the gym with a program she loves. Her diet suits her lifestyle, her preferences and is sustainable. She’s not all that concerned with her weight but is excited to see it go up on the bar. The gym is not her whole life. Food is not her whole life. She has goals and is working to achieve them but they are not her whole life. She is happy, healthy and loves the life she built.

Yeah, I know, cheesy as fuck, but this girl is (or could be) you. So stop following these people you believe to be better and fitter than you, and instead look inside yourself. You’ve totally got this.

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