How to Turn Your Setback Into a Breakthrough

How to Turn Your Setback Into a Breakthrough

We go to school for many years, and we’re supposed to learn things that will prepare us for our adult lives. However, what they don’t teach us there is how to become functioning adults who manage their time perfectly. Well, it’s far from easy, and there is no strict recipe on how to learn this. The road is bumpy and full of traps and setbacks. You need to become strong enough in order to face it all.

Balancing work and life is difficult, especially for women as they often have children to raise and a household to manage. In theory, it’s possible to do everything well and have enough time to get a good night sleep. However, as we all know, real life is different. Real life brings real problems and they all happen unexpectedly and therefore spoil our perfectly planned schedule. Nevertheless, all women around the world face the same setbacks. This brings a certain degree of comfort, knowing you’re not alone in your struggles. What’s more, you can even learn from others and pick up a few tricks.

Addressing the problem

The first step towards resolving an issue is awareness. Take a look at the mirror and wipe that smudge off your face, darling. You need to retrace your steps and realize where it all went wrong and why. Addressing the problem is an essential part of overcoming a problem. Without it, you’ll just be stuck wallowing in self-pity not knowing how to get out. Do everything in your power to get over the initial depression and get moving!

Facing a challenge

When recovering from a setback, you need to carefully give yourself tasks. Under no circumstances should you set a goal that’s too difficult to accomplish. Yes, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or becoming CEO in a month could be slightly more demanding. You need to start small and build up in time. Even when facing bigger tasks, you need to divide them into smaller parts not to become overwhelmed with everything. It’s always good to put things on paper. Write down your plan and your tasks and post useful sticky notes around the house to remind you of what you need to do and how well you’re doing. You can even write some motivational messages to yourself like “You go, girl! You’re doing great!”

Find inspiration

What you need to know is how to cope when everything starts happening faster than you can process it and you start to feel like you’re drowning. Give yourself time to take a break. Find your happy place or an activity where you’ll only be focusing on that and not obsessing about problems and tasks. Make sure it’s something that makes you feel good. Whether it’s sports, shopping, yoga, gardening or coffee with friends, or just shaking your tail feather like there’s no tomorrow, always make room for the activities that make you feel good and help you relax. You can read more here for some other hobbies that are great when you need some “me time”. There are so many different hobbies out there, so people should easily find one that suits them. Perhaps gardening would be beneficial for those who love being outdoors. Before beginning with gardening though, people should really consider getting a pest removal company, like, to see if there are any signs of pests in the garden already. Pests can ruin flowers, so it’s better to remove them before planting some lovely flowers.

Accept help

Not only do women never ask for help, but they also reject all offers to help them. There’s this insane belief that if one hasn’t done everything on her own, it doesn’t count. Women generally have that “That’s ok, I’ll do it” attitude which really proves how amazing and independent they are. However, there’s no shame in accepting help or even asking for it. Especially when it comes to taking care of your children. Nobody expects you to do all the work. I know a lot of mothers who have had the most pleasant experiences with child care centres in Brisbane. So, the next time someone offers to help you, whether that’s a family member, a great friend, or a great child care facility, give them a task and see how good it feels. If you want to be a mother who has it all, there is no shame in getting that help when needed, and in some cases, more personal help is required. You may be going over in your head, which is better? – au pair vs nanny? Well, you won’t know unless you sit down and really look at your needs, it can help you declutter your mind and set out that plan that you need to keep going.

Stay true to yourself

Self-doubt is your worst enemy. Whenever you feel like a failure and that you’re unworthy, think of all the things you’ve done and remind yourself of how amazing you are. This doesn’t mean praising yourself all the time, but merely being objective. It takes practice to be able to block all the bad thoughts in your head and increase the volume of the voice in your head that keeps you going. It’s all there, you just need to find a way to find it and focus on it.

Everybody fails. This happens on a daily basis. A failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you find a way to learn from it, it can actually be useful. Every time we stand tall after a setback and decide to face a new challenge, we become stronger and more powerful. The next time you fail, we want you to smile and say “Challenge accepted!”

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