Are you a Badass? 9 Things Badasses Do

Are you a Badass? 9 Things Badasses Do

Badasses are general ass kickers of life. They don’t seem to be afraid of much and tend to accomplish some pretty awesome things, while inspiring others (hopefully) along the way. But how does one become a badass? Well, from my perspective  (because I don’t think I’m a badass, I know I’m one) I’m going to tell you what it takes.


Have grit

Badasses didn’t get that way because they never struggled. A true badass has not only has struggled and survived, but they’ve fucking conquered. They don’t allow their past to drag them down, only shape who they are and who they want to become. We trust ourselves because we know what hell looks like and that we can take on anything that comes our way.

Follow through

You know those times you’ve said you wanted to do something but never did? Yeah, badasses don’t play that shit. Once we make up our minds about something we see it through. Sure, we might need to pivot when we hit a roadblock but we always get to the finish line—no matter what or how long it takes.

Don’t complain

Have you ever heard a total badass bitch and complain about well, anything? Probably not. When life gets tough we put our heads down and work harder. When shit doesn’t go our way, we create solutions or turn it into a lesson. We don’t throw a pity party and we sure as shit won’t be attending yours either.

Don’t give a f*ck

“I didn’t like you when I first met you.” This is a common statement I’ve gotten from some of my dearest friends and every time I’ve been told this, I had no idea. I am absolutely oblivious to when people don’t like me. Why? Because, I don’t give a fuck about other people’s opinion of me. It matters so little to me that it’s not even a thought in my head that someone I just met may not like me.

I am absolutely oblivious to when people don’t like me.

Badasses walk to the beat of our own drums. We’re not concerned with what other people think about us because we are steadfast in our resolve of who we are as a person. This allows us to make pretty solid decisions, because we aren’t weighing in the possible judgment or backlash we might receive. We don’t care when people don’t support us. We’ve got this.

Have confidence

I firmly believe that confidence lies in self-awareness. When you know yourself, you know what you’re capable of. You know your limits but you also know where to start pushing to expand them.

Take risks

It’s not that badasses aren’t afraid, sure we are, but we don’t dwell on fear. We acknowledge it and move the fuck on. This allows us to play big and take risks other people might not. We do what others won’t, because we trust the shit out of ourselves. We know that we can fall hard and it will be okay, because if needed we know how to pick up the pieces.

Better themselves

A true badass knows they aren’t perfect. We are constantly evolving, growing and learning. We never stay stagnant and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We attack our shortcomings and flaws, and work on ourselves in order to become the best possible version we can be.

Learn all the time

Having a single skill isn’t very badass. Although plenty of badasses have one or two skills they are excellent at, we tend to be skilled in multiple areas. We’re also always looking to learn new things as well as get better at old ones. We’re never done.

We’re never done.

“Is there anything you can’t do??” People often ask. Of course, there is plenty we can’t do and still want to learn but we generally appear to be Jacks & Janes of all trades.

Keep it real

As said above, badasses know we aren’t perfect, and we’re also not afraid to show it. A genuine badass isn’t going to just paint you a pretty picture or give you smoke and mirrors, they’re willing to show you the ugly side to their journey, even if it means you think less of them.

How many badass boxes can you check off this list?

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