5 Ways to Step Up Your Self-Care

5 Ways to Step Up Your Self-Care

It seems like everyone is talking about self-care these days, but so many of us still neglect ourselves. Whether you have a couple minutes or a couple days to spare, it’s so important to take some time for yourself. Here are some of my favorite ways to take care of myself:


When life gets hectic, one of the first things to go is our beauty regimen. Take some time to get your nails done, or do them yourself! Is stress at work causing you to break out? Schedule a facial. If a lack of time is stopping you from booking that appointment, take a few minutes to smear on a mask while you’re doing something else at home. I actually applied a charcoal mask before sitting down to write this article.

If you enjoy makeup, take a little extra time to do yours in the morning. If you have an afternoon to kill, watch some tutorials on YouTube or read some beauty blogs. Are you looking for a healthier alternative to your current makeup? Maybe it’s time to look into some organic options.


Self-care is so much more than little things you occasionally do for yourself. Healthy habits are super important, too!

Eat well. Food is fuel for your body. If you put cheap gas into a car that needs premium, you’ll screw it up. The same goes for your body: eating crap will make you feel like crap. If you nourish your body, you’ll feel better and have more energy to do awesome things.

Don’t forget to work out! The incomparable Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” Okay, so you’re (hopefully)  not so stressed that your husband should be scared, but exercise is still super important. While the rush of endorphins is awesome, the longterm effects that working out has on your body and mind are even better!


There’s no wrong way to relax. It’s important to figure out what works best for you.

If you only have a few minutes, breathe. That may sound a little ridiculous, but it works. Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. Focus on your breaths. If it helps, count each breath you take. This is especially helpful when you’re super stressed or feeling anxious.

If you have an hour or two, get a massage. It will loosen up any knots or tension in your muscles, improve your blood flow, remove toxins from your body, and potentially help you sleep. Just make sure you drink a bunch of water afterwards! Your body will thank you.

Do you need to escape for a few hours (or maybe a couple days)? Perhaps it’s time to binge watch your favorite shows and clear out your DVR or Netflix list. Sometimes escaping into the world of The Walking Dead for the weekend is exactly what you need to recharge your batteries for the next week.


We often cut out our hobbies to make more space in our schedules for “important” things. It’s time to take back some time for yourself. If you don’t know where to start, head to Pinterest for some inspiration. If you let yourself fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole, you’ll find dozens of new hobbies or DIY projects to pick up.

When I was in college, I dropped a bunch of my hobbies. Here are some of the ones I’ve recently picked back up:

  • knitting
  • reading
  • journaling
  • nail art
  • organizing (yes, I consider that a hobby.)
  • playing the piano


Whether you try a new hobby or pick up an old one, find something that you love and work it into your schedule.


Yes, with our super busy lives, online and textual friendships are way more convenient, but sometimes you need some face to face time with your girlfriends. Schedule a spa day, brunch, or old school sleepover with your besties and have some group self-care time!

What are some of your favorite self-care activities?

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