Alternative Workouts to Beat the Everyday Gym Rout...

Alternative Workouts to Beat the Everyday Gym Routine

Bench presses. Body raises. Crunches. Curls. Leg extensions. Did I hear you yawn with boredom?

Classic gym exercises may be efficient for building muscle and burning fat, but they can become a real bore over time. When your gym sessions hit plateau, you’ll need a backup exercise plan to fall into if you don’t want to fall out of shape in a matter of weeks. Since the body tends to grow accustomed to the workout intensity and duration pretty quickly, an unvaried training program can result in loss of training enthusiasm and lead to weight loss stagnation. Still, there’s good news: the list of alternative workouts that can efficiently replace the standard gym routine is pretty long – and pretty fun, too. Here are a few fresh ideas you can try the next time your gym performance or enthusiasm drop off.

The Lap of Slender Shape

If you want to build lean muscles and improve overall health fast, head to the closest pool and jump in immediately! Swimming is one of the most efficient out-of-gym workouts that burns whooping 500-700 calories per hour, builds endurance, bulk, and lung capacity. At the same time, swimming helps improve heart rate and overall cardiovascular function. If you want to boost workout pool routine effects, mix up laps with aqua jogging or water aerobics. You could even try out certain water sports to try and mix up your routine, like inviting some friends over and playing water volleyball, or perhaps heading to the beach to try kitesurfing. There are so many ways in which you can change your exercise routine in the water!

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Shake Your Groove Thing

Not a fan of water sports? Perhaps the dance floor will be a better fitness option. In addition to helping you melt fat and sculpt your body, dancing will improve your posture and coordination, burn tons of calories, purge your system of stress, and allow you to have fun at the same time. Bonus point: if done properly, dancing is a form of art and watching yourself in the mirror as you dominate the dance studio will boost your mood and self-confidence – although, if you’re a little self-conscious, you could start with online dance lessons ( to build up your confidence first. There really is something for everyone with dance!

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Kick Fat’s Butt Like a Pro

If Mother Nature didn’t bless you with the gracefulness of a gazelle, martial arts may be more up your street than dance lessons. Look at Panda Po: kung fu got him pretty darn far, and it may do the same trick for you. Not a huge fan of kung fu? In that case, feel free to put on some mean jiu jitsu moves or sign up for taekwondo, capoeira, mixed martial arts, or karate. Instructions of a martial arts master will help you get weight loss onto the fast and fancy track and learn how to send a nasty mugger whimpering to a corner in a matter of seconds. Still not convinced? You could read up on this blog about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Victor Hugo and his love for martial art/combat sport to get some inspiration to hit the mat yourself!

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Score for the Home Team

Chasing after the ball and trying to score a point for the home team will help you burn as many as 400-600 calories per hour. In addition to that, recreational soccer matches will help you and your girlfriends build strong leg and glute muscles, cleanse your system of negativity, and forge deeper bonds out there in the pitch. It’s time to put on your soccer gear – I promise you’ll love every minute of the training!

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Heels Down, Steady Mind

Horseback riding is a powerful stress buster that will improve coordination and physical shape. Additionally, equestrian sports promote healing of traumas and various psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, OCD, and autism. Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that can make the biggest difference. And it is important that you find a way to cope with these psychological conditions. Whether you decide to look at places like for the best CBD products, or whether you take up equestrian sports, it is important that you do what helps you to generate a positive mindset again. On top of the benefits for the mind and body, the bond with the horse allows the rider to develop better collaboration skills, willpower, and empathy, all of which are essential for a healthy and happy life.

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Take Stress Out for a Hike

Should all else fail, you can always put on your boots and take stress and extra inches out for a hike. Hiking is an excellent mix of cardio and strength workouts that will get your heart pumping faster, boost your mood, and amp your oxygen and Vitamin D stock. On top of that, hiking is one of the best alternatives to classic gym trainings as it allows you to custom-tailor your workout by selecting company, location, terrain elevation, and tempo. If that’s not enough of an argument to convince you to hit the slopes, the fact that an hour of hiking will burn as many as 430-550 calories per hour should get you off the couch and send you out of the door in the pursuit of fat ‘n’ foot-powered fun.

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Ready to throw in the towel and quit the gym? Feel free to do so ? but make sure you swap the daily fitness routine with an equally effective workout against a more pleasant (and less smelly) backdrop. Good luck building sexy muscles, Supergirls!

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