5 People in the Fitness World We All Wish Would Go...

5 People in the Fitness World We All Wish Would Go Away

The health & fitness industry is a giant world, made slightly smaller by the Internet and social media. As you dive deeper into whatever genre of fitness you’re into, you will see that there are so many different kinds. From Crossfitters to bodybuilders. From Strongmen & women to powerlifters, runners, triathletes etc. The list goes on and on. Along with every facet of fitness comes products, services, coaches, and programs designed just for that genre. When you share yourself and your journey with the internet you open yourself to an amazing world of fitspiration– as well as really annoying people we all wish would go away. If instead you don’t want to focus on others fitness and health progress and you’re looking to improve yourself and wondering how you could start off, you perhaps may want to read more and see how this fitness regime and diet could benefit your health.

The 5 People that Suck in the Fitness World

The Insta Coach

You know, when you post a video of yourself lifting something and you feel good about it and are pretty stoked to share it with your followers. Maybe it’s heavy. Maybe it’s not prettiest lift. Maybe your form wasn’t perfect but hey, it happens. Suddenly, you get a comment from someone who feels the need to tell you to push your knees out, or that you have a little rounding in your back. They might not be rude about it buuuuut you don’t remember asking for a form check. Yeah, those people.

The problem with Insta-Coaches is that they don’t have all the info. Maybe there is a medical reason why your knees buckle slightly. Maybe it’s your first lift ever and you know you need improvement– but still want to share. Maybe it’s a PR so your back rounds a tiny bit. Maybe you don’t give a shit about hurting yourself. These people need to realize that no one asked for their input.

The Door-to-Door DMers

Look, I don’t have anything against Beachbody coaches or even ItWorks salespeople (unless of course they are spreading blatant lies). I know some super amazing, respectable and inspirational BB people. BUT, the ones who send DMs trying to make a sale make me wish my inbox had a door to slam in their face. No, I don’t want to join your team. No, I don’t want to be a product tester. No, I don’t want to replace my coffee with your product. I LIKE coffee. Please don’t pretend to like me or flatter me because you think it will bring in a sale. It won’t. If I wanted to be in your world– I know how to find you. We all do. Please go away.

The Quasi Coach

This is the person who does one fitness show, achieves their aesthetic goals (whether it be healthily or not) turns around and becomes a coach. Just because something worked for them, they buy into the philosophy that everyone else should do it too. Unfortunately, because they look a certain way, many will be eager to work with them. Aesthetics don’t equal knowledge, and they certainly don’t instantly make you a good coach. Having a coach that doesn’t know what they are doing can mess you up far more than not having one at all. I’ve seen too many fitness n00bs fall into this and I hate it for them.

The Troll

I will never understand what possesses a person to go on to the account of someone they don’t even know and be rude to them. It doesn’t matter whether the person has 60 followers or 600k, they are still a person and still have feelings. Trolls are the worst kind of people because they go out of their way to be mean. It really shows their character and anyone dealing with this waste of a person is expelling energy on a lost cause. Delete, block, whatever, but do not feed the troll.

Dreaming Elegance

If you have not heard of this company, consider yourself lucky. They spam the hell out of fitness accounts, with grammatically terrifying comments encouraging you to be a “brand rep” with them. The worst part is that they don’t even do this from their main account, they have multiple spinoff accounts so if you block one, there are 100 other spawns ready to keep at it. Digging a little deeper, it looks as though this company is just another MLM without the integrity or even the minimal marketing prowess of others. If I could only permanently get rid of one type of person from this list, Dreaming Elegance would disappear from the internet and the Earth forever.

Do you agree with this list? Who else in the fitness world do you wish would go away?

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