8 Ways to Love Your Damn Self This Valentine’...

8 Ways to Love Your Damn Self This Valentine’s Day

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Whether you are single, dating, committed or not really sure of your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, one thing rings true for all: You can never get too much self-love. So this year, amidst your “Hallmark holiday” protest or your date night with your dude, take a moment to love yourself, even just a little bit with one, or all of these tips.

Ways to Love Yourself Today

Write yourself a love note

Who doesn’t enjoy a good love letter? Relationship or not, they are pretty rare these days. So why not pen one for yourself? Take a moment and write down all the things you love about yourself. Don’t overthink it, just fill the page with things you’re proud of, compliments and some sappiness. Now you have something beautiful to read yourself any time you’re feeling down.

Pamper yourself

This can mean different things to different people, but really if there’s something you don’t normally do for yourself that you consider a splurge– go do it. Maybe that means a mani/pedi, a facial or a massage. Maybe it means a soak in your own tub with some special bath salts like these CBD salts or oils. If you really want to go all out– a full day at the spa. Whatever pampering means to you, indulge a bit.


Speaking of indulge, today is a good time to savor something amazing. Like some Belgian chocolate or a piece of cheesecake, if that’s your thing. Hell, it could be a piece of steak! Many of us cut these things out from our diets when we are pushing towards our goals. I don’t mean binge, I mean take a moment to really savor something decadent– guilt free.

Go for a PR

I don’t know a chick alive that lifts and doesn’t feel good after hitting a PR. If you’ve got some gas in the tank for your workout, why not go for it? Even if you toss some change plates on the bar and get it by a 1lb, you’ll still feel pretty great.

Get some “you” time

In the chaos that is most of our everyday lives, we rarely make time for ourself. Sometimes this means quiet meditation, reading a book, journaling or even filling up a virtual grocery cart with stuff you’re never going to buy. Try and set aside at least a single hour and get your “me time” on.


It can be really hard to buy something for yourself, especially if others depend on you. But now and then, you deserve a hard earned splurge. Buy that dress or those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Get yourself that piece of gym equipment or a new workout program.

Buy yourself some flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? I love them. Not only do they help to really brighten up a room, but they also smell nice too and can fill your space with a wonderful scent. When it comes to flowers, you certainly don’t need an occasion to buy them for yourself. And they don’t have to be expensive to be pretty either. So, contact your local Flowers Delivery service to deliver your favourite flowers right to your door, or head to the grocery store to pick a bunch for that lovely lady in your life. YOU!

Tell yourself what you need to hear

We are our own worst critic, but we can also be our own best champion. Look in the mirror and give yourself some real compliments. They don’t have to be physical. Just look yourself in the eye and give that girl in the mirror a real solid dose of self-love.

Just like romantic love, self-love is an everyday kind of love. It must be nurtured and fostered to become strong. Valentine’s Day is there to show as an excuse to show the people in your life that you love them, so make sure you don’t forget yourself.

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