Review: Bulletproof Coffee #ElevatetheSeason

Review: Bulletproof Coffee #ElevatetheSeason

This post is sponsored by Bulletproof Coffee. All opinions are my own.

If you know me, then you know I love coffee, so when the opportunity came up to receive the complete Bulletproof Coffee setup and write about it– I jumped on it. Basically, real Bulletproof Coffee is “upgraded coffee” blended with ghee and Brain Octane oil (MCT oil). If you are a coffee nut, you know how important it is to search for the best coffee and have it delivered to your front door! There are always new and exciting flavors and strengths coming out for people to try.

To be honest, I’ve had to some janky, wannabe variations of Bulletproof in the past. You know the whole DIY attempts at something when you don’t have all the ingredients? Yeah…I don’t recommend that. So needless to say, I was excited to get all the legit ingredients to try the real thing for myself.

You already know I go absolutely bonkers when it comes to doing my own reviews and reading others quality coffee reviews. I’m a true coffee fiend in every sense of the word.

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Not only did I get a bag of the coffee, a giant bottle of Brain Octane (we’ll get into the science of that stuff later) and a huge jar of ghee — But I also got this adorable glass mug, and I really love mugs.

Following the recipe on the side of the bag, I made the coffee & dumped the ingredients into my Magic Bullet & blended. The concoction went from a cup of black coffee with a 1/4 inch of oil sitting on top into a creamy, frothy coffee drink. I immediately poured it into my snazzy, new glass mug and took a sip. It was pretty freaking delicious, and not lost on me that the creaminess had come from blended fat. Kind of magical.

bulletproof coffee, elevate the season, hey little rebel,

I proceeded to make a slight mess on my coffee station for the next week and here’s what I’ve concluded:

Bulletproof coffee is satiating

I normally don’t eat until noon or sometimes even 1pm (unintentional fasting mmkay) but generally consume a couple cups of coffee. By the time I finally make something to eat I’m practically starving and struggle to make a quick, reasonable decision. When I swapped one of my coffees for the Bulletproof, I found that I was no longer starving to death, in fact by the time I ate my first meal I wasn’t that hungry at all. I had always tried to make fats prominent in my first meal of the day for this reason– but it sort of defeats the purpose when your first meal isn’t until the afternoon.

This is also perfect for this time of year when snacking is inevitable. I don’t know about you but with all the sweets that show up at my house this time of year, it’s hard not to snack mindlessly when you’re hungry. Luckily, Bulletproof Coffee is low toxin, high performance and full of healthy fats to fuel your body.

I enjoyed the taste

I know, if you’ve never tried it, it might seem weird. I can assure you it’s actually really good. No milk required! I do like things a bit sweeter so I “may” have snuck in a packet or two of Stevia throughout the week.

My focus improved

In addition to being hungry I normally also spend about an hour or so trying to get through whatever the task is on hand, only to get really, really distracted. It’d pretty hard to stay focused when you’re hungry, and I tend to be determined to get through a specific chunk of my to-do list before breaking to eat. Because I’m an animal.

I also had more energy thanks to the Brain Octane, which bypasses the liver and becomes readily available for your body to use as energy the effects can near-always be instantaneous! It contains 16x the healthy fats of coconut oil and will improve your health and energy with regular use.

I’ll keep drinking it

Most of you guys know I won’t promote or endorse anything I don’t love or use myself, regardless of whether or not product or payment is on the table. So I’m really glad I enjoyed it enough (and have enough fats in my macros) to share it with you! If you want to give Bulletproof a try this season, they have a variety of products both online and in stores. Take a trip over to their website and check out their offerings.

Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee yet? What do you think?

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