Loving Your Body Throughout Your Fitness Journey

Loving Your Body Throughout Your Fitness Journey

It’s almost New Year’s Day. It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution and your goals for 2017. Maybe you want to get your body ready for the beach, or you want to get back into your old jeans. Perhaps you just want to lose your winter fluff or beat your current PRs in the gym. No matter what motivates you, or where you are on your fitness journey, there’s one thing you have to do: start loving your body now!

When I was younger, I was pretty fit. I started dancing when I was four, and spent a couple years each with soccer, tennis, basketball, and gymnastics. Unfortunately, a cheerleading injury during my sophomore year of a high school and a dance injury my senior year significantly changed my activity level. Unfortunately, my friend suffered a cheerleading injury too but she had to go to PHYSIO EALING – CK PHYSIOTHERAPY EALING to get treatment for her back pains. I was lucky enough not to need this but then college stress and a couple bad relationships helped me gain a bunch of weight.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve tried, and failed, to kick off my fitness journey several times. Since I started again early this year, I’ve lost 10 pounds and about an inch around my waist. What was different this time? I started loving my body. I started to care for my body too. I wanted to make sure I was being sensible and safe as well as motivated for my goals. For instance, I invested in the Best Elbow Cushion Sleeve for Elbow Pain I could find, to prevent any injuries I might get from my exercises. It also helps to keep my joints and muscles warm and secure, especially as it’s very common to pull muscles and feel a bit achy and sore when you are exercising, especially if it’s the first time in a while.

Don’t Compare Your Body Now to Your Body Then

I’m not talking about progress. It’s super important to see how far you’ve come since you decided to get fit. I’m talking about your body when you were younger, stronger, or skinnier. When I was still cheering, I weighed a lot less. My arms were a lot leaner, I had decent quad separation, and you could bounce a damn quarter off my butt. I was also 12 years younger than I am now. My metabolism was completely different, and my hormones were going crazy. If you compare your body now to your 14-year-old body, you will always be disappointed.

Dress the Body You Have

When your body doesn’t look the way you would like it to look, it can be super hard to dress it. Some of us wear shapeless clothes in an attempt to cover our imperfections. Others wear clothes that are 2 sizes too small, because buying clothes in their current size would make the extra weight feel more real. Wearing clothes that don’t fit you will only enhance the things that you want to change about your body.

It’s time to start wearing clothes that fit you properly, even if you’ll have to donate or tailor them in a few months. Clothes that fit properly will make your body look 100 times better. They’ll also make it much easier for you to see the progress you’ve made on your fitness journey. Even though you won’t necessarily keep them forever, don’t settle when it comes to your wardrobe. Find pieces that you truly love.

Treat Yo Self

Loving your body isn’t just about what you eat, what you do in the gym, or what you wear. It’s important to pamper your body as well. Feeling a little sore or stressed? Go get that massage. Take a spa day. Sign up for that subscription box. Buy the lipstick that makes you feel super confident. Take some time to spoil yourself. You deserve it!

How do you show your body that you love it?

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