The Ultimate Holiday Fit Girl Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Fit Girl Gift Guide

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Have a fit chick in your life and not quite sure what to get her? No problem! I’ve put together a list of some of my absolute favorite things, from food to function and for whatever your budget may be. There’s something for every chick in this fit girl gift guide. If you’re wanting to celebrate her success, you could always look into getting a personalized gift from somewhere like GiftTree to show her how much she means to you.

Stocking Stuffers

Ring Bandit

Price: $10

Marketed as “A bracelet with a pocket,” Ring Bandits are super cute bands you wear around your wrist that have a zippered compartment. It’s the perfect gift for the girl who lifts but cherishes her wedding/engagement ring and doesn’t want to jack it up on the iron– or leave it in her gym bag. Purchase this week and get it by Christmas- use code MERRYMERRY to get 10% off!


Price: $19.99-24.95

ultimate fit girl gift guide, gift guide, hey little rebel,, haloSpeaking of rings, every girl should own a Qalo (I have a white one and a sparkly pink one myself). This is a super comfortable, silicone ring that can’t even be felt while lifting. It’s also awesome for outdoor activities, Spartan races, beach trips or wherever you’d rather not be toting a diamond around for– but also want to rock a wedding band.

Hand Band Pros

Price: $27.99-29.99

One things fit chicks who lift tend to have in common is that our hands are rough as hell. This is inevitable BUT you can still help her prevent rips and tears with a super cute, stylish pair of Hand Band Pros. From now through December 19th you can get 25% off a gift card using the code GIFTSFORALL.

New Watch

A new watch can be a perfect gifts for a fit girl as she can use the stopwatch function to time herself perfectly and if it is comfortable then she won’t even notice it’s there. If you’re interested in buying a watch for her then find more here.

Protein Nut Butter

Price: $14-16

ultimate fit girl gift guide, gift guide, hey little rebel,, buff bake, birthday cakeFit chicks and peanut butter go together like doughnuts and deadlifts. Even better, are these amazing nut butter spreads that are high in protein, low in sugar and come in a variety of flavors. Two of my absolute favorites are Pecan Pie almond butter from Legendary Foods & the Birthday Cake almond butter from Buff Bake. P28 makes a solid Turtle flavored cashew butter and you can’t go wrong with Nuts & More Salted Caramel or Toffee Crunch.

Unique and Functional Gifts

ultimate fit girl gift guide, gift guide, hey little rebel,, Jessie Steele, apronFor the fit girl that loves to cook…

Jessie Steele makes adorable aprons, oven mitts and kitchen accessories that come in so many different cute colors and styles, you’ll be able to find something to match her perfectly!

…Or just loves to eat

If she’s not the best cook, but loves to eat, it’s hard to go wrong with Kodiak Cakes protein packed flapjack mix and a waffle iron (my personal fave).

Support her goals

Flexible Dieting 2.0 is an incredible approach to eating– whether she wants to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain– This book will break it down and help he get there. Buy the hard copy or snag the eBook and get 20% off with code XTALROSE

ultimate fit girl gift guide, gift guide, hey little rebel,, ashley hornerIf she’s looking to change up her routine, you really can’t go wrong with any of Ashley Horner’s programs. They will help push her limits and not only change her body– but her mentality as well.

Tip: All of Ashley’s programs are purchased via download, so go the extra step and hit up Staples where they will print and bind the program for you on the cheap.

New knee sleeves, a weight belt or the combo of the two is another great fit girl gift she’ll love, that you can’t really go wrong with.

Show her off

When she’s worked her ass off for her body, there’s nothing better to show it off than a Savage Swim bikini. These suits are sporty, sexy, handmade in the USA and completely customizable. They’re even reversible so buying one is really like buying 2-4 depending on the design. The good thing about deciding to buy luxury swimwear for the woman in your life, it’s that you can’t go wrong. There are so many beautiful designs and styles out there that whatever you choose is bound to go down with a hit.

Give her some comfort

After a good workout, she’s going to want nothing more than to come home and relax. Onesies are the perfect gift for a girl who likes to get all cozy when she’s back from the gym. She’s worked hard, so she deserves some rest.

The BIG Gifts

Maybe she’s been a REALLY good girl this year, or you just want to spoil her, but this fit girl gift guide simply wouldn’t be complete without these amazing (and spendy) ideas:


ultimate fit girl gift guide, gift guide, hey little rebel,, rogue fitness, rowerI don’t know a single fit chick that wouldn’t want her own squat rack. Help her get shit done with the best of the best from Rogue. If brand new is too much, you can certainly scope out Craigslist, Facebook yard sale pages and even gym closings. She will love it.

Another great gift you can’t really go wrong with would be a Concept 2 rower. I’d recommend purchasing it brand new since most people won’t shave much off the price of a used one, so you might as well get a new one.


I absolutely love traveling and traveling with someone I love is even better. If you can fit it in your budget, a trip centered around fitness is an incredible fit girl gift.

Some awesome ideas:

Wodapalooza– This fitness festival boasts Games athletes, but takes place in Miami. The perfect January getaway if you live somewhere cold!

The Arnold Classic– So many genres of fitness and fitspirations, all under one roof. The Arnold is such a cool event and you can bring home plenty of swag to remember it by.

Crossfit Games– Normally in Carson, California the games has relocated to Madison, Wisconsin. Might be a cool ‘first’ to check out together.

Barbells & Beaches– While I don’t think there is a current trip up on their site- I’ve heard that they may have something going up soon. Make new friends and work out in an all inclusive paradise without completely blowing out your budget.

Adventure Fit Travel– The upper echelon of trips. Go somewhere breathtaking and have pros like Dmitry Klokov critique your lifts while you soak in the culture.

Know of an awesome product we forgot about? Let us know and we’ll add it to our Fit Girl Gift Guide!

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