9 Things I Learned by Going off the Grid

9 Things I Learned by Going off the Grid

Sometimes you need to get away from it all in order to get back to the core of what's important. Here's what I learned by going off the grid for a weekend.A few weeks ago I packed up and went off to the mountain by myself to have what I hoped would be a very productive work weekend. Originally, I had wanted to work on my next book, but with all the things I had going on, I decided to utilize the time to work on some major projects I have in the works, as well as some “very necessary in order to get ahead” tasks.

The cabin I booked through Airbnb promised there wouldn’t be any internet. While this both excited and terrified me, I felt like it was important to leave the world behind and besides, it would only be from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. I could totally handle this.

I love nature

I have always loved a beautiful mountain or ocean view but this particular weekend I really got to soak it in. My cabin was positioned so when I sat at the kitchen table working, I saw mountains while a breeze floated in. I also periodically took breaks and sat on the porch, soaking in the view and drinking coffee, wine or eating ice cream.

REAL Productivity

Without Facebook (sorry guys), Snapchat, Instagram, text messages, the sudden desire to Google something random, more Facebook, Twitter, emails from one of my four email accounts dinging, Buzzfeed articles and cute dog videos—I was suddenly able to complete tasks from start to finish. Rather than take several hours to complete a heavy task, I was knocking them out in a like an hour or so, without interruptions.

I really love being alone…

I joke with my husband about this but sometimes I wish we had our separate little houses where we could each live and just visit each other.

Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then. ~Katharine Hepburn

This particular weekend, I found it so glorious to be in a space all my own.  I cooked my own food, I didn’t have to worry about animals needing to be fed, or having to entertain another human being. And really, I just have two words: Dual showerheads. You know what those are for? Right, so you and your sig other can share a shower without one of you freezing to death, or getting sprayed in the face. You know what they are for when you’re alone? Heaven.

…But I love my husband

The only thing that I didn’t like about the weekend was that my husband was away in Michigan for work, and we weren’t able to communicate. I’d get a text now and then but sending any was pretty much impossible. We don’t text or talk a whole lot when he’s traveling anyway, and I’m used to (and sometimes enjoy) not having him around but the overall lack of communication was a bit of a bummer.

If there were a zombie apocalypse, I’d absolutely have to have him by my side, because this just wouldn’t do.

My mess is mine

Sometimes I look around my house and wonder if an actual bomb went off. You know, if bombs were made out of dirty clothes, dishes and random pieces of mail. It’s hard to tell who is leaving what and I gave up awhile ago on the dream that I’d keep the place tidy on the daily.

In this little cabin, the only messes made were by me. A few dishes in the sink. A tiny bag of trash. An unmade bed. They didn’t bother me, because I was happy to take care of them.

I don’t need “stuff”

I did not miss a single thing from home. A couch is a couch, a bed is a bed (as long as it’s not horribly uncomfortable) and a table is a table. I did wish they had bigger wine glasses, and the place wasn’t my style, but I was very happy just being there, with what I had.

My phone is a habit

There were several times I picked up my phone to look at…something? And it would laugh at me.  Then I’d remember I didn’t have service or internet, slap myself and move on. A few text messages or emails would come in randomly but I was pretty much helpless when it came to responding. Which was a bit maddening.

I realized that my phone is the number one biggest distraction in my life, and without it, I was just fine.

I listen to myself better

I ate when I was hungry, I didn’t eat if I wasn’t. I took breaks when I needed to. I was able to tell when I was feeling like doing a specific task or when another one would suit my mind frame better. I was able to just be in tune with myself, which I think is pretty tough to do when there are so many distractions.

Bursting with creativity

Generally, my best ideas come when I’m in the shower, or at like 2am when I’m staring at the ceiling. Otherwise, I think I’m way to distracted throughout the day.

There were a few things on my list that I normally would have procrastinated on, that I instead tackled with enthusiasm. It was so much easier to work and to tap into my creativity, which was just free flowing like a fountain. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve really had to squeeze out my writing, but this weekend I completed 4 articles, started 3 more, wrote a script, a short book, a course I’m teaching this month as well as knocked out a few things that required Photoshop and still had time left over to color.


All in all my getaway was a real eye opener and it gave me several ways I can apply it in my daily life, without having to go off the grid.

Have you ever thought of going off the grid to get away from distractions?

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