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Most of us are constantly striving to be better versions of ourselves and there are always ways to step your game up and become a better you. Check it out at Hey Little Rebel!This post contains affiliate links.

Feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut? It’s time to step your game up. Upping the ante can boost your confidence and make you more successful in both your work and external relationships. Besides, it’s always a good idea to push to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.

Learn something new

Learning something new can be absolutely terrifying. We all want to be good at stuff right off the bat, but it’s just not realistic. Whether it be a craft, a language, a skill or even just reading about something you know nothing about– it’s just good for your soul. You will step your game up here by humbling yourself enough to accept that you won’t be amazing right away, and feeling like a badass when you cross even the smallest of milestones. Why not try out gaming for a bit more fun in your life? You could try out these unranked league accounts to get you started on that new thing in your life. Also, if you’re stuck on a level and you can’t seem to pass it and level-up then you can try out which can offer a solution to your gaming problem.

Get healthier

Most of us could stand to get healthier and I’m not just talking about losing weight. You know the food that makes you sick but you eat anyway? Or the chemicals you douse your body in? Or how about only averaging 1,000 steps a day?

Your health is going to be with you your whole life, so why not step your game up here? You don’t have to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once, but maybe try small, sustainable steps.

Some ideas:

Switch to organic skincare
Quit artificial sweeteners
Do a sugar detox
Start taking probiotics, a multi-vitamin, more fiber or omega 3s
Drink more water
Start a fitness program
Limit alcohol to once a week (and then don’t binge)
Go for a daily walk
Get more sleep
Stare at your phone less
Stretch twice a day
Replace 1-2 fried or fast food meals a week

Reinvent your look

I’m not telling you to run out and get pink hair (even though it feels amazing to rock it) but we tend to feel our best when we know we are looking our best. Whether it be some highlights, a pedicure, a new outfit or even just snagging a new lipstick. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of small ways to update your look without getting too spendy. Although, if you feel like splurging and it won’t set you back– go for it.

Get a side hustle

Who doesn’t love making money? For some of us a side hustle is a means to an end, and someday we hope to make that our full time gig. For others, it’s just a fun way to make extra cash. Whichever the case may be for you– it will definitely step your game up.

Juggling more than one money making responsibility can add more value than just putting more money in your wallet. It helps you prioritize, balance, limit outside distractions and really maximize your time with loved ones. For me, the more I have going on, the more attention my husband and close friends get because I carve out time that’s just for them, rather than it being circumstantial.

Experience some culture

We are so used to our own backyard if we don’t leave it, it’s easy to forget the world beyond exists. If you can afford to travel– even if it’s just to another state, you can experience other cultures that will open both your eyes and your mind. If you can’t travel, I’m positive that within driving distance there is an art museum, a festival, an Asian market, or a multi-cultural melting pot. Even a hole in the wall, authentic restaurant is better than nothing. Sometimes, you can learn the most through experience itself. It changes you without you even having to try.

Work on your shit

Dig deep. This isn’t a fun one, but it’s so important. We all have issues, some more deep seeded than others, but it’s important we work on them. Some of us know what these issues are and the behaviors that ensue and some of us might be genuinely clueless.

If you are unaware, have others ever pointed out anything to you? Sometimes multiple people will call us on our shit and we’ll blow it off because it was said in anger. Or maybe people are too afraid to tell you, so you will need to strap on your big girl pants and ask those dearest to you.

Are you inconsiderate? Are you flaky? Do you push people away and expect them to keep coming back? Do you have trust issues? Are you negative? Are you egocentric?

These things can hurt to hear but once you’re aware, you’re able to start taking steps to change the behavior. Know that change won’t happen overnight but if you make small steps like trying to be aware, changing your response and having someone who loves you point it out– you’ll get there.

Do something that scares you

If an opportunity arises, and the only reason you want to say no is because you’re afraid– do it anyway. I’m literally scared all of the time. I’m constantly living in the space where I’m comfortable being uncomfortable. Fear is a very real thing, and so is failure– but that is how we grow. That is how we improve. That is how we strip off the bullshit to reveal the shining, best version of who we are. And that is how we step our game up.

How will you step your game up?

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