Selfie Nation: Are You a Proud Member?

Selfie Nation: Are You a Proud Member?

I’m a proud member of #selfienation and love a good selfie. I don’t care if you filter your pictures, smooth out smile lines or brighten your teeth; I think selfies are fantastic.

And for those of you that think that selfies are leading to the downfall of our society and contributing to insecurities, I have to politely disagree. Listen, we’re all smart enough to know when a picture has been touched up and we should all know that comparing ourselves to unattainable ideals is harmful. Selfies aren’t about other people, they’re about us– and we should be rocking them.

So what value is there in a selfie?


I am not always the most confident and self-esteem loaded woman in the world, but there are times when I am feeling myself. They may be few and far between but when I have an “I look good and I know it” kind of day I love snapping selfies so I can bask in the positive vibes. They remind me that I may live jeans, t-shirt, and hoodies but I can still be beautiful. A selfie can serve as a reminder that no matter what I see as my flaws I still love the fact that my eyes shine when I smile.

But it’s vain, it’s so self-involved, it’s a cry for validation and likes…oh, suck it! It’s a woman who is confident in her new haircut, body, or makeover and is documenting that. I think it’s empowering and amazing! You should be proud of how beautiful you are and screw anyone who says differently. Flaunt that confidence.


Am I the only one who loves seeing mothers cuddling with their kids, women sweaty after a killer workout, or women who are celebrating an accomplishment (first house, publishing a book, getting their degree, or a new job)? I love seeing women posting happy selfies boasting of their badass success.

I can’t stand when people put down these Instagram pictures as bragging or flaunting and bash the women posting them. Are you kidding me? Hell yeah, they are bragging and they should be! They worked hard for whatever it is they’re showing off and have every right to be excited and proud of it. It’s long past time that women should feel empowered to show off their accomplishments instead of sitting in the shadows. Own it, ladies!

Getting to Know You

I refuse to follow anyone on Instagram who doesn’t have selfies. I want to know who you are and get invested in your journey. You can post all the memes and inspirational quotes you want, but so can everyone else. Who are you and what makes you tick? I want to see it!

Social media can be so disjointed from reality and it’s easy to hide behind but putting your face to it gives it meaning. Show me your good days, your bad days, your facemask selfie, and your success selfies…I want it all. I want to cheer you on your journey so show me your stuggles and successes, make me love you.

Seeking Validation

There is an argument against selfies that says they aren’t about confidence at all, but rather about seeking validation in the form of likes or positive comments. Well, yeah they do, but why is that a bad thing? We all seek validation and approval from others, it’s a part of our inherent desire to be a part of a community, tribe, or group we identify with. A selfie can help serve as an identifier for ourselves; a way that we further seek to fit in with a group, and can serve as bond strengtheners. A selfies is a tool that helps form attachments that we need as humans, and that’s a pretty powerful thing for a picture to do.

Story Telling

A selfie can tell a story about who you are, a story that grows and evolves as you do. They provide you with a story map to yourself, to where you were, where you are, and where you are going. They can show your emotional growth, physical changes, and personality changes. A selfie serves as a modern age time capsule and if you don’t believe me look at your Instagram timeline, or Facebook profile pictures from over a year ago then tell me you aren’t taken back a bit by nostalgia.

Personally, I love the story that my selfies tell about me. They have shown my with a number of hair colors (teal, red, purple…and who knows what is next), my journey into a love affair with makeup, and my path from writer to author. I can see myself grow in them, see my growth as a business owner, a badass, and an empowered woman. I hope you can look back and be as proud of your selfie story as I am.

So I say join the #SeflieNation, post those pics, and hone in on all the positives instead of some keyboard warrior who thinks they have to put down people’s self-expression. Brand yourself as the badass you want to be, the bold and beautiful person you are, and own it. I will always proudly post my selfies whether I get 20 or 200 likes, because I love the woman I’ve worked to become and I’m proud of her. Show me, and Chrystal, your selfies with hashtag #heylittlerebel and dare to do you no matter what other people say.

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