Rebel with a Cause: Ashley Horner & The Unbro...

Rebel with a Cause: Ashley Horner & The Unbroken Foundation

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Ashley Horner is one of those women who when she puts her mind to something– amazing things happen. I first fell in love with her when I started getting into fitness. She helped me to find my self-confidence, self-love and the beauty in my strength. As a multi-preneur, I found her to be even more inspiring (if that’s even possible). Ashley is the author of over a dozen training programs, owner of American Sled Dogs – a strength and conditioning training facility and is opening up her very own coffee & whiskey bar, American Brew– both of which are located in Virginia Beach. As if she hasn’t done enough to help other women, she launched The Unbroken Foundation and will be embarking on a 280 mile run to raise money for a North Carolina shelter.
The mission of Ashley Horner’s Unbroken Foundation is to bring domestic violence shelters all over the nation support, additional funding, and Ashley’s special brand of “Beauty in Strength.” In just a few short months the Unbroken Foundation has established a relationship with a shelter in North Carolina, a location near to Ashley’s heart, that needed help. Safe Haven is a safe house in North Carolina for women and children to turn to when their home lives become mentally and/or physically violent. It is a place of transition, a place of growth, a place of new beginnings for victims of domestic violence. Safe Haven is a place where the courageous come to seek change, to find a new way, to start new lives for themselves and their children. The women who come here have been through experiences most of us cannot imagine. They have been broken down, but they don’t fall apart because “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” Stay tuned for how Ashley gets more involved with this shelter and ways you can contribute as well as local shelters in your community.
Ashley will be running 280 Miles to raise money for the Safe Haven House in North Carolina.  She will leave shortly after the end of Camp Valor in Virginia Beach  this Saturday April 9th and run until she reaches her destination in North Carolina.  Stopping only to catch a few z’s and recover for short periods at a time.  See below on how you can donate to help raise money to help improve the living conditions for the families at the Safe Haven House and support Ashley on her 280 mile run.
You can simply donate on The Unbroken Foundation’s Crowdrise fundraiser they have opened up or you can sign up to run a virtual 5k with Ashley to also help support her in her 280 mile journey.
The Rebel with a Cause Project is dedicated to helping, funding and giving back to charities and causes that affect and are important to women. If you’d like to submit your cause, or a cause you care about please click here to learn more.

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