30 Days of Sex? In a Row?

So by now I’m sure most of you have seen the article about the woman who lists the 5 reasons you as a wife should be giving your husband sex every night. Sounds great and all for your husband and you’re thinking, screw that (that’s what he said!)

In it, she explains how it has been 8 days since she and her husband last had sex and that wasn’t normal for their marriage. She felt that her husband was watching TubeV Sex websites and avoiding the need for actual sex. So she comes up with the idea to have sex for 30 days straight. By looking at My Little Pleasure.co.uk she discovered that there are many different positions to try that will keep the variation so both people can enjoy it every night! The first few weeks she has to psych herself up to do it. After that she is excited for it and happy. She goes on to explain how it has changed their marriage for the better. They’re happier. There is better communication and more open intimacy. However, many women simply do not have the desire for sex every single day, whereas men usually do. That’s why many couples are deciding to bring things like a sex doll into their relationship so that they can both have their sexual desires met whenever they need it.

Of course, as a mom/woman/blogger, I was quite intrigued by all of this. Good for them. If it worked for them, surely it will work for others. Why not for us? So I jokingly bring it up. We laugh about how crazy it is and I say it’s impossible because my vagina would shrivel up. He laughs and says, I’d be homeless (thanks babe). We are very curious sexually and we have spoken about using modern sex machines that apparently can lead to an improved lifestyle. However, we decided that using them might be seen as cheating on this challenge!

We decide to give it a go. Day 1. Easy peasy. Day 2. Not even a tiny bit motivated for either of us. Ugh, it was hard. We just did it the night before. But it eventually happened. Day 3. Kid is taking forever to go to bed and he passes out early. I tried to wake him and nothing. I couldn’t even get him to roll over when I said the house was on fire. Thank God that it wasn’t.

Day 4 in the morning. I tell him he’s ruining the whole plan and making this a horrible blog post. Seriously, no one will read this if there isn’t some sort of dirty story in it. He let’s out a laugh and looks at me, “Oh, are you serious about 30 days straight?” No, I just trying to finally get you to laugh at my jokes. Of course I was serious!

Later that day there is some butt smacking (by him) and some boob honking (by me on him) and some flirting. A romantic dinner, great conversation, drinks and the kid even went down early. We end up on the couch and that’s when it happens. No, not sex. He passed out.

So the moral of the story is, we’re tired and can’t manage 30 days straight. Good thing we’ve learned to find other ways to show intimacy. But that was the whole point of her original plan. We need to learn to make time for one another. Life shouldn’t revolve around the kids or a job. It should revolve around love and happiness. We make more time for each other now. After the kid is asleep, we’ll watch a movie or share a bowl of ice cream. There are plenty of things you can do with out having a big night out on the town.

What do you do to keep the spark alive?

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