13 Fit Couple Accounts on Instagram We’re Ob...

13 Fit Couple Accounts on Instagram We’re Obsessed With

Instagram is crawling with fit bodies, fitness journeys, memes and motivation. Some accounts, I find myself going back to more than others to get my fix of fitspiration (see my 10 Fitness Instagram Accounts You Must Follow post). For those of us that have a swolemate, wish we had a swolemate or even a swole sistah– I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite fitspo couples you need to follow on Instagram (if you aren’t already). Instagram is without a doubt one of the best social media platforms out there. If you’re trying to up your Instagram game, here is some advice to help you do that – best time to post on instagram.

Fit Couples We’re Obsessed With

Fit Couple #1: Dana & Rob Bailey
@danalinnbailey @flagnorfail

If you are looking for the ultimate power fit couple, DLB and Rob Bailey are the Queen and King of the fitness world. From books, to apparel, from competitions to seminars all over the globe– these two will have you wanting to marriage as hard as them, not to mention be able to rock even a fraction of their muscles.

Fit Couple #2: Katy Hearn & Haydn Schneider @katyhearnfit @haydn23

As fit couples go these two are so cute and their accounts are a mix of working out, dogs and the two of them looking ridiculously fit together. Haydn even had socks made with Katy’s picture on them! (Which really made me consider making some for my swolemate…)

A photo posted by Haydn Schneider (@haydn23) on

Fit Couple #3: Jackie Perez & Lis Santos
@Jackie585 @eleeka

Okay so these two aren’t technically a couple but they are as close as it gets! Lis cooks for Jackie, they work out together, they look hot together–they pretty much do everything together. Basically, you can’t go to one account without seeing a million photos of the other. Which inspires the kind of swole sister jealousy that makes chicks (or maybe just me) want to be in their wolf pack.

A photo posted by Jackie (@jackie585) on

Fit Couple #4: Chrystal Rose & Jeff Cordero @xtalrose @heatstroke16

Well yeah I had to get in here somewhere! I’m an author & entrepreneur and Jeff is a professional athlete (NASCAR tire changer) and we’ll be getting married in December (aka totally qualified for fit couples list placement). We both really started dedicating ourselves to fitness a couple of years ago and love working out together. Follow me for funny memes, inspiration, progress & real talk– and follow him for heavy lifting and peeks into his incredibly cool career. I don’t want to big ourselves up too much, but it may just be the best thing that you ever do. Plus it would mean that we’d get more followers, which is always good. Lots of people suggest using Kicksta if you want to increase your number of followers, but the review at indicates there may be better alternatives out there. I have been doing some research on this, as I think they can be useful tools to have if you are struggling to increase your follower count. I recommend nitreo, or a similar site if you are looking to grow your followers and your brand organically. It can help to put you on the map of accounts that need to be followed for some inspirational and ground breaking content. And who doesn’t love having thousands of followers? So go on, what are you waiting for?

A photo posted by Chrystal Rose (@xtalrose) on

Fit Couple #5: Jessica Arevalo & Aaron Shumake

I’ve never been a big fan of shared social media accounts between couples, but a fit couples account completely bypasses that rule for me. CAUTION: If you can’t handle happy couples that kiss a lot– keep scrolling.

Fit Couple #6: Noelle Benepe & Chadoy Leon @noellebenepe @prolover

These two are just so fun and adorable, I dare you to stop yourself from smiling at their posts.

A photo posted by Noelle Benepe (@noellebenepe) on

Fit Couple #7: Caryn & Devin
@carynnicole @devinphysique

These two are a little more private about their relationship but they equally as dedicated to each other as partners as they are their health and fitness. #relationshipgoals

Fit Couple #8: Julian Daigre & Austin Raye @juliandaigre @austin_raye

Separately these two are amazing– but together? Incredible. You can feel the love and dedication between them in their posts.

Fit Couple #9: Two Bad Bodies

Kaisa & Jennifer aren’t a couple, but their account will no doubt motivate you to find yourself a swole sister and get moving!

A photo posted by TwoBadBodies (@twobadbodies) on

Fit Couple #10: Raevin & Cody Vaughn @raevinracquel @codyvflex

This coach and competitor combo proves marriage is a team sport, they even get to rep companies together!

Fit Couple #11: Jennifer Nobis & Sam Dancer
@jennob7 @samdancing

Sam is an absolute beast– who happens to wear french braids, bootie shorts, nail polish and lipstick as he pleases (but really they are a part of his no bullying campaign) and Jennifer is his hottie kickass crossfit wifey. I love how they wear rubber wedding bands in the gym. And did I mention they are so cute?

A photo posted by Jennifer Nobis (@jennob7) on

Fit Couple #12: Katie Sauter & Chaz Sutton @katiesauter_ifbbpro @chazsutton

They both win and he proposes on stage, really how cute are these two??

Fit Couple #13: Vivian Aiello & Derek Vandelinder
@fit_girl_for_life @derek_vandy

This gorgeous couple coaches together, workout together, travel together and eat together– need I say more?

If you’re an aspiring powerlifting couple on Instagram and want to grow your following check out kenji. I hear they provide a fantastic service.

Have any swolemates you follow on IG? Post them here!

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