5 Ways Men are Different From Women

Besides the obvious working parts, and the fact that men are physically incapable of changing a toilet paper roll, our genders have infinite differences. The way we think, act and feel can be worlds away, so it’s no wonder why we feel like we’re speaking different languages at times. It’s why men bang their heads against walls trying to understand us and why women are at a loss for what to do with men at times.

Consciously we know we’re different but we still walk around thinking the opposite sex has the same experience as us. We think if we do/say/act how we want them to with us, that we should be able to communicate no problem. Wrong. That can’t be further from the truth.

I’m sure I could come up with several more (and perhaps I will soon), but these are a few ways, men are much different from us.

5 Ways Men are Different from Women

1. Space Isn’t Just Physical

When you’re dating someone and attempt to give them space for whatever reason (maybe because they’ve asked for it), it’s not really the same for both parties. A woman can physically remove herself from a man’s life and still manage to smother him. While women tend to feel the physical absence a bit more.

For example, I had a friend who was dating this guy. He was recently divorced (so there were plenty of other issues), but they both had pretty busy schedules and he traveled a lot for work. They texted all the time, she’d stay over on some of the nights he was in town, though he would fall asleep quickly after she arrived. On a couple of occasions he chose to party with friends on his day off, which of course upset her a lot.

In her mind, she felt like it made sense for them to spend every spare second together physically. He on the other hand felt a bit suffocated and like he couldn’t do anything without her around. It was almost like he felt she was ever present because of the constant communication.

2. Their Memories Are Shorter

While yes, it seems like women can remember every detail of a conversation (especially if she plans to use it as ammo later); I’m not just talking about remembering what you tell each other or recalling things that have happened.

It’s something I noticed through an adolescent and into my twenties. For example, a woman can have an amazing night with a man, they could kiss (or not) but the chemistry is completely on fire. Now let’s say after this amazing night, they go their separate ways because they don’t live near each other, but keep up phone/text communications and plan to meet again in the future.

That woman will remember that night and think about it often. She will bask in the perfection of it and build him up to be the most perfect creature who ever lived. She will think about their future relationship. She will be able to stretch out that magical memory for months—even years.

Men need more memories to pull from. It’s not that they didn’t feel the magic of that night, they definitely did. It’s just that as you fall out of sight, the memory begins to fade a bit. The longer you are apart without a new memory to pull from, the less effort they will give. You can go from the most amazing girl on the planet, to a cool girl he’s gotten to know over the phone, but you can be sure he won’t be turning down opportunities in the meantime.

3. They Don’t Apologize

Calm down, I’m not saying men are incapable of apologizing when they do something wrong. It’s just that there are many things we as women feel we need to apologize for. Like being assertive in the workplace, asking a favor of someone, and not being a superhero that can perfectly balance their career/relationship/family/etc. Men don’t walk around kicking ass at work and then come home and feel like a total failure because they were too tired to put dinner on the table. Men don’t feel guilty about ringing up an old co-worker or college buddy and asking for a referral. And they don’t feel sorry when they stand up for themselves either.

4. They Don’t Think the Same Way We Do

Our brains go a zillion miles an hour and sometimes everything that’s going on can bleed into the other. Men, on the other hand, compartmentalize. Which is why he can have a fight with you, go to work and shoot the shit with everybody like it’s normal while you might spend the day feeling miserable. They’re able to separate the different parts of their lives, and while they might snap at you after a hard day at work or maybe not perform at 100% when you’ve had that fight, they manage to be better at tucking things away for later and “turning off” their brains.

5. Their Feelings Are Mostly Linear

Just like our thoughts, our feelings tend to run the gamut throughout any given day, week, or month. While it takes men a little longer to develop their feelings for us, once they love us, they just do. It doesn’t go up and down. It won’t be love through the roof one day and through the floor the next. They just love you. Frankly it confuses them when you wonder and ask them what they’re feeling because they figured you already knew. Men don’t just wake up one day and no longer love you, if that’s going to happen there tends to be a slower progression into that realm. And if that’s the case, they aren’t going to just fall back in love overnight either.

While these are very general terms, it’s amazing the differences that can occur between men and women. How special both genders are, what makes us tick differently and even how we’re similar.

What are some ways men are different from women that that you’ve noticed?

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