5 Reasons You Should Have Sex with Your Man Everyd...

5 Reasons You Should Have Sex with Your Man Everyday

Some of you probably read this title and immediately decided that I’m an asshole. Maybe I am, but hear me out. I’m not telling you that you should have sex everyday because that’s what your man wants and you should dedicate your life to pleasing him, blah, blah, blahhh. No. What I’m going to get into is how sex everyday (or almost everyday) can benefit you. Of course, if you’re not into it you shouldn’t push yourself. Your partner can always get one of those love dolls you see around to help him out. But, if you’re interested then here are the reasons to consider amping things up.

5 Reasons to Have Sex Everyday

1. Sex with Your Man Everyday Benefit #1: Science and Stuff

Sex is good for you and according to WebMD there are a lot of health benefits to getting it on regularly. Not only can it keep your immune system up, lower your blood pressure, improve bladder control for women, reduce stress and improve your sleep – but you can also burn about 4 calories per minute AND it reduces pain.

So screw Advil, why not have an orgasm instead?

2. Sex with Your Man Everyday Benefit #2: Intimacy Increase

You make time for things that are important to you right? Like exercising, having the occasional wine chat with girlfriends, you make time for coffee breaks and haircuts, but what about intimate moments in your relationship/marriage? Sure, if you have kids it’s more challenging and you might be more tired at the end of the day-but don’t you owe it to your relationship to make the time?

It doesn’t have to be a marathon session but it’s important to make the time for each other. You’ll notice that as you make more and more time for each other, to kiss, talk, laugh and make love, your bond will be tighter.

A healthy sex life trickles into the rest of the relationship.

3. Sex with Your Man Everyday Benefit #3: It Takes the Bargaining Chip out of Play

You know how sometimes sex seems like a tradable good? If you take out the trash and clean up the kitchen, you just might get lucky tonight!

Sex shouldn’t be a reward for being “good” or for meeting your side of the relationship responsibilities. It should be a built-in nonnegotiable of your relationship. If you’re constantly bartering sex, it becomes a chore. It becomes “putting out” rather than having sex or making love.

If you want to look forward to sex rather than dread it-have it everyday.

4. Sex with Your Man Everyday Benefit #4: It’s No Longer a Weapon

If you get pissed at your man, you’re no longer able to hold sex over his head (and vice versa). Having sex when you’re happy, annoyed, mad, sad-is actually quite refreshing. You don’t have to be in that perfect mood, you can enjoy it for what it is.

Men do stupid things (we do too but we’re not talking about us right now) and it’s inevitable we’ll get mad at them. Banishing them to the couch or punishing them with no sex for a week sets back relationship progress. It also makes him feel like a child in time out, rather than a grown man who needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Of course there might be a time or two when you are so pissed you can’t even look at him, let alone touch him and I get that. Taking a day or two off from sex because you are feeling angry/hurt/betrayed and can’t handle being in his presence is different from launching anti-sex missiles.

5. Sex with Your Man Everyday Benefit #5: It’s Fun as Hell

We all have sexual lulls, ups and downs. Sometimes it’s really exciting and other times it feel like the same exact sex, move for move, moan for moan. And that’s okay. Having a lot of sex with your partner opens up the doors for new experiences and fantasies. It eases the fear and opens the discussion of trying new things. It takes it off the table of awkward subject matter and moves it onto a much more comfortable table. Both of you will naturally be more receptive and open to the discussion.

Bottom line sex is just really fun, and it’s even more fun when you love the person you’re having sex with. And if an orgasm every night or even every other night doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, please email me immediately and tell me what is more fun for you. Seriously, have sex more often, you deserve it.

Am I Taking My Own Advice?

Yes, actually. I’ve been with my fiancé for three years and while there are times that traveling makes it impossible. or a day or two gets away from us, sex is a staple in our relationship. We aim to have sex everyday, and I can assure you I’m reaping all 5 of the benefits above…

And then some.

Do you have sex with your man everyday? If yes, what are some more benefits? If not, why not?

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