10 Fitness Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

10 Fitness Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

A fresh year is upon us, and with it comes the hope and promise that THIS year, we’re going to stick to our resolutions. THIS year we will get in the shape we’ve desired for so long. So whether you are already in the swing of your health and fitness routine, or just need some inspiration to help carry you through, these are some of the best, most motivating fitness Instagram accounts you simply MUST follow.

Ashley Horner – @ashley.horner

This woman is a machine. She pumps out training programs left and right and has a religious following of #Ashletes. Not only will be inspire you to toss out your scale, get strong and find the beauty in your strength but you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by the most motivating, inspiring group you’ve ever seen. Oh yeah and not only is Ashley a fit beast—but she even kicks fitness ass while pregnant. If you don’t follow any other fitness account—make sure you’re following hers!

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