Signs that You Just Suck (and Don’t Actually Have ...

Signs that You Just Suck (and Don’t Actually Have Haters)

It’s an undeniable truth: not everyone will like you. This was a lesson I learned pretty early in life. There were (and probably still are) plenty of people who didn’t like me. Luckily for me, I didn’t (and still don’t) give a damn what they thought about me. I kept doing my thing and walked to the beat of my own drum. Lately, it seems as though people are quick to throw around the word “hater” in exchange for someone who doesn’t like them or who happens to have something negative to say about them.

I mean, haters gon’ hate right?

I think the Urban Dictionary’s 2nd definition of the word hater, really hits the nail on the head:

Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual.

I’d have to agree. And I’d also have to say that the people most overusing the word are the people who are convinced they have a massive tribe of haters, when in reality, they just kind of suck and people genuinely don’t like them.

Reasons You Think You Have Haters (and Signs You Actually Don’t)

You haven’t achieved any level of greatness, like at all.

Being pretty or popular is not an accomplishment. If you’re not a celebrity and still have some sort of normal job, like the kind mere mortals tend to have, you don’t actually have haters. No, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good job or even a great job—if you aren’t selling out stadiums, booking magazine covers or constantly filming a new project—you aren’t at a level where haters would even make sense.

Think about it: why would all your haters be so concerned with knocking you down a peg or two, if you haven’t even gotten up a peg or two on your own?

You go out a lot.

Again, you aren’t a celebrity and being a regular face in your local hotspots and being friends with the bouncers and bartenders, does not make you a celebrity. Congratulations on being a bar/club rat though! No matter how many girls give you dirty looks, no matter how many bathroom selfies you take, you’re still just a girl in the club getting drunk on a Wednesday night.

Think about it: If you stayed in more often do you think all the haters would wonder where you are?

They all say the same thing about you.

I’m a big fan of the quote “If three people tell you you’re drunk, you’d better lie down.” Basically, if several people tell you the same thing about yourself, it’s probably true. Some examples:

You’re stuck up.

You’re bitchy. 

You smell.

The list goes on. If several people are saying this about you then perhaps you don’t actually have haters and instead, may need to check your attitude or shower more.

Think about it: If more than just one person says something about you, don’t you think that’s worth looking into and potentially changing?

You have nice things.

Whoooooaaaa. You have money/nice clothes/drive a nice car and shove it in everyone’s face? Wow. That must be like, so hard to live with. If it’s not your parents’ money then you may have a little bit more grounds to be hated on, but all the same who really cares?

If you’re convinced you have haters because you have nice things, are you the only person you know that has nice things?

Think about it: How many other people do you know, actual rich people let’s say, that have haters just because they have nice things?

You have an opinion. No like, you really keep it 100.

Most of the people I know who claim to “keep it 100” or “keep it real” are complete bitches. Basically you decide that it’s okay to be a total asshole to other people in the name of “honesty.” You’re not honest—you’re a bitch, you suck and don’t actually have haters.

You want to know who’s honest and real? Me. But I don’t go out of my way to hurt people and while I don’t sugar coat, I have this adorable little thing called “tact.”

Think about it: If you go out of your way to “keep it real” with people, with no regard for their feelings, people probably just don’t like you because you just suck.

If you have to say it.

It’s one thing to tell someone else they have haters, because it appears as though they do, and it’s quite another to proclaim over and over again that you have haters. If you have to tell the world you do, you probably don’t. In my experience, people who say they have haters almost always sound proud about it- like they’re bragging.

If you think there’s a group of people who don’t like you, why does this make you proud? In high school when everyone calls another kid a nerd and a loser, is that kid proud? No. Because it sucks when other people don’t like you.

Think about it: If you have to create a false sense of “hell yeah, I’m awesome because soooo many people hate on me” you probably just suck.

I don’t think you have haters. I think you think that it makes you cool to believe that soooo many people don’t like you, because you assume you have something they don’t. Do yourself a favor and go accomplish something really worthy of jealousy and being hated on. At that point, you’ll be so absorbed in the act of actually achieving something you won’t think about haters at all. But then again, I might just be being a hater.

Do you know someone who just sucks and doesn’t actually have haters? Share in the comments below!

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