30 Awesome Things About Being 30

Last year when I turned 30, I took it pretty hard. I felt old. I freaked out about skincare and about my body not being in the best shape. Rather than prepping for the best years of my life, I dreaded them. When I finally decided to stop wallowing about my impending 30s, I realized how freaking awesome they are. I’ve spent the last year trying my hardest to become the best version of myself and plan to improve upon that every year.

Being 30 has been awesome and eye opening. There’s so many awesome things about being 30 I decided to list them for my other 30somethings and my almost there 20somethings. Enjoy!

You know what you want. And not like when you were in your 20s and thought you knew what you wanted, because looking back, you now know you had no idea.

You’re more comfortable in your skin. Sure you have all the standard female hang-ups about your body, but overall you’ve accepted and embraced your flaws and don’t stress about them like you used to.

Sex is better. You know what you want, what you like and aren’t afraid to ask for it. Not to mention they say this is your “prime.”

You realize 30 isn’t old. You don’t feel old anymore (unless you’re around young 20-somethings) and you think that 40 and 50 is actually pretty young too.

You know what works for you and what doesn’t. At this age you can’t lie to yourself. If you’ve always hated the gym, you know you won’t wake up one day and miraculously love it. So you choose an alternative work out, because it’s what works for you.

If you’re single, it’s on purpose. You no longer feel the need to have a boyfriend just to have one, and are very happy and comfortable with your own company.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s on purpose. You no longer fear being alone. The person you choose to be with is wanted, not needed and adds value to your life, rather than create it.

You realize shit is getting real. You can no longer drink excessively without feeling like death for an entire day after.

Like, shit is really getting real. You don’t bounce back like you used to, do you honey? You start taking better care of that body because dropping 5lbs over a weekend is no longer possible.

Drinking wine isn’t really drinking. For whatever reason when you down even an entire bottle of wine, you don’t feel all that bad the next day. And you love that drinking wine doesn’t require a party along with it. Unless you count your sweatpants and a Netflix marathon as a party, in which case, party on!

You no longer feel like a loser for staying in. In fact you kind of think it’s awesome and start feeling like the ones that go out 5 nights a week are the real losers.

You have money. Not like you’re freaking loaded (unless you are which is awesome) but you no longer have to scrape together all your pennies to pay your rent and are no longer the girl that’s always complaining about being broke.

You know your issues. Having had a ton of experience in your 20s you now know when you start to go down one of the paths you don’t want to take, especially in an argument. You’ve learned what your issues are and have worked through them.

You know who you are. And if people try to tell you who they think you are and are wrong, you realize that they don’t know you very well.

You’re very comfortable with a handful of friends. You totally get the whole quality over quantity thing now.

You aren’t afraid to say no. You don’t want something, you say no. And you don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feeling you’re just no longer going to sidestep your own.

If you aren’t married you’re SO glad you waited. After watching everyone go through their BS and realize they got married too young, you know that when you do get married it has a better chance than if you had in your 20s.

If you are married, you get it. You know what it takes to make one work, or why one won’t, and if you were actually ready at the time you did.

You learn from your mistakes. Like following someone else’s dreams instead of your own, not putting yourself first, what went wrong in relationships, buying a brand new car off the lot and getting married too young.

Everything has a bit more purpose. You love a little harder, commit a little deeper, and try a little more. You realize how precious the years really are.


You don’t waste time. You know how precious it is and don’t have a second to spare for the bullshit you used to let drag you down.

You have wisdom. People ask you for advice—and actually take it. They know you know what you’re talking about because you’ve been there.

You take care of yourself. You’ve realized how important it is to take care of your mind, body and soul.

Saying that you’re sorry is easier. You may not have to say it all that often anymore, but you now know when you need to step up and say it, and you’re okay with that.

Forgiving is easier. You no longer hold grudges. You’ve realized that everyone makes mistakes and is on their own journey and that forgiveness isn’t necessarily for them—it’s for you.

You have a personal style. And if you still haven’t figured that out yet, at least you know what trends will not look good on your body and which ones will look bangin’.

When you make friends, you know where to put them. You’re very realistic about friendship and know which category to stick someone new in. You no longer try to shove the square acquaintance peg into the forever friend round hole.

Did I mention sex is better? This is your prime girl, I mean seriously—Make sure you’re getting plenty.

You realize your parents were right. About pretty much everything. If you haven’t already come to terms with that of course.

You know the meaning of regret. If you have them, they are most likely a result of the things you didn’t do, rather than the things you did.

What did I miss? What else is awesome about being 30?

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