There’s a painting I made that hangs in my office. It sits directly across from me on the wall, so when I look up from my laptop, I see it. The rest of the painting is irrelevant but in the center it says, “Believe.”

It’s a reminder to believe in myself to know what’s in my heart and what I’m capable of. When I start to falter and lack the belief I need, it’s there, signaling me to keep going.

It’s a reminder to believe in what I’m doing. That good always comes from doing good. Positivity breeds positivity. Light lets in more light. It reminds me there’s value in the work I do, and that if I just keep believing others will too.

It’s a reminder of where I’ve been. I didn’t get here by doubting myself, coasting along or having someone else carry me. My belief paired with everything I’ve learned and my willingness to learn more everyday, has been a crucial part of my journey.

It’s a reminder that everything starts somewhere. It’s a reminder to have hope. It’s a reminder to dream, and never stop dreaming because if you believe in your dreams, they can become a reality.

Believing is the Start to Making Dreams a Reality

As we get older, we learn that so much of what we believed in, that sparked our imaginations, aren’t real. Santa Clause isn’t traveling the world in one night, fairy tales are just stories, and that doe-eyed look turned into cynicism. Phrases like, “You can do anything you put your mind to” and “Anything is possible” become laughable, because we never envisioned all the red tape that came along in the package of pursuing those things.

We climb uphill; only to slide back down 3 steps for every 4 we take. But, we chose to take the route less traveled, the one that says, “This is going to be hard, really, really hard, but it’s worth it when you get to the top. You’ll see.”

And then, when we get to the top (or at least the top for now) we realize that we want more. We realize that the climb itself, our painful, treacherous journey, was so special and magical and that without the simple belief that we could get there, we would have never made it. That simple belief is what pushed us to keep going, and it got us to where we are today. It’s amazing because it didn’t just happen to us, we made it happen.

Is believing an important part of your journey? What do you do when your belief falters?

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