5 Kickass Holiday Cocktails

Bartending is not only something I have done (and at times still do) to make some connections, side cash or just decompress (yes, bartending relaxes me). It’s also something I really enjoy doing. I love coming up with cocktails for different occasions to wow my friends, family, and of course the occasional bar guest. If you want to be a badass hostess this year, it’s imperative you serve a few signature holiday cocktails at your gathering. These 5 recipes for kickass holiday cocktails will guarantee to get you and your guests in more than just the holiday spirit!

The REAL Peppermint Mocha

I’m not knocking the Starbucks classic, I’m just encouraging you to drink something a little more suited for after hours. Serving this treat suggests to your guests that they can get comfy and cozy in your home, even better if you have a fire place to sit around (the digital version works too.)

Party Batch (Serves 4-5 unless you have huge mugs…I’m not judging)

24 oz coffee
8 oz milk
8 heaping spoonfuls of hot cocoa mix
3 oz peppermint schnapps
3 oz whipped cream vodka
2 oz Irish cream

Mix all ingredients together on a stove hot over low heat, pour into large mugs. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle crushed candy cane bits over the top.

Solo Mission (I’m still not judging)

6 oz coffee
2 oz milk
2 scoops cocoa mix
3/4 oz peppermint schnapps
3/4 oz whipped cream vodka
1/2 oz Irish cream

Mix all ingredients together in a big mug. Squirt whipped cream into your mouth before you squeeze an excess amount onto your mocha. Eat candy cane and sip while the bits are in your mouth.

The Ginger Oh-Snap! Martini

For when you’re feeling a bit fancy, this is one of the best holiday cocktails to really show your prowess. Shaking martinis for guests shows that you mean business, and they’ll have no option but to be impressed.

Party Batch

Depending on the size of your shaker, double/triple/quadruple the Solo Mission serving. Martinis were meant to be served cold and right away, so make these suckers per request.

Solo Mission

First, rub the rim of glass with ginger liqueur and roll it in crushed ginger snaps.
In a shaker cup with ice add:

1/2 oz coffee rum or liqueur
1 oz ginger liqueur
1 oz vanilla vodka
1 Tbls honey
2 Tbls heavy cream
Shake the shit out of it for about 30 seconds, then strain into your chilled, ginger snap dipped martini glass. Prepare to be worshipped.

The Apple Pie a La OMG

Yes. It’s happening. The day someone tells you to put a piece of pie into a blender with booze and to just go for it. This is one of those holiday cocktails that people will straight up freak over. And you can choose whether or not you feel like informing them that they’re downing an actual slice of pie. And no, you don’t have to do the fancy lattice work– unless, of course, someone is keeping score.

Party Batch (Can serve up to 8)

Here’s the thing, a whole pie has 8 slices, there’s a slice of pie in every cocktail, so just multiply the solo mission for what will fit in your blender.

Solo Mission

Put the following ingredients into your blender:

1 slice apple pie (crust, apples, the whole she-bang)
1 oz heavy cream
1 oz whipped cream vodka
1/2 cinnamon schnapps
1/2 oz apple pucker
A few cubes of ice

Blend and pour into chilled martini or fancy cocktail glasses. Now drink pie!


Not Yo G-Ma’s Eggnog

Remember being a kid and drinking eggnog and not understanding why the adults were acting so damn stupid? I hate to break it to you but just like you’ll need to deal with relatives, rugrats and whatnot around the holidays, Granny had to deal with you. The best way to deal? Drinking holiday cocktails. And what better holiday cocktail than one that reminds us of our childhood?

Party Batch

1 carton of the creamiest eggnog you can find (sure you could make it yourself from scratch but with all the other badassery you’re serving up– who the hell has time for that?)
5 oz of light rum
5 oz of spiced rum
2 oz coffee liqueur

Mix ingredients well in a pitcher, pour into glasses and shave fresh nutmeg over the top.

Solo Mission

Just make the party batch and keep it in the fridge. You know this is what you were planning to do anyway.

The Cran-Bell-ieve-It!

Ahhh champagne, who doesn’t love it? While champagne isn’t necessarily one of those holiday cocktails you think of right away, it fits in just fine- like that long lost cousin of yours. Mixed with a traditional holiday flavor like cranberry and you have a super simple and super delish go-to holiday cocktail.

Party Batch

Obviously this is champagne not rocket science, you can easily make one cocktail or several. Generally, a bottle of bubbly serves 4, this may serve 5 due to the space the cranberry takes up.

Sparkling wine, champagne, Prosecco, etc (I’d grab something slightly on the sweeter side to balance out the tart of the cranberry, unless it’s sweetened)

Cranberry puree. You can buy it or make it yourself.

Pour champagne flutes 1/4 high with cranberry puree then pour in the sparkly good stuff. Drink and be merry.

You’re bound to be a hit with at least one of these recipes! Remember that everyone has different tastes so give your creations a sip to ensure they’re amazing the first time around.

Which of these are you going to try? Do you have any kickass holiday cocktails that you invented yourself?

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