Pretty Girls Feel Jealousy Too

I’ll admit it, in my late teens and early 20s I hated on other pretty girls. I’d sit there and pick them apart and come up with any and every reason I could to prove that they were actually somehow ugly. If my boyfriend at the time so much as looked up and noticed another pretty girl, she was automatically a whore and I hated her. Obviously, this was super jealousy talking.

Then something magical happened. I started working in the promotional industry. Suddenly, I was surrounded by pretty girls. I worked with these pretty girls day in and day out and was shocked at how sweet, awesome and fun they were. I didn’t even feel a tinge of jealousy or competition. It was like I just suddenly had this awesomely gorgeous set of friends.

Like a pretty girl club, where all the pretty girls were—nice??

Pretty Debunked

A lot of people assume that if you’re pretty you don’t have any problems. Sure, being pretty has its perks but it’s not like your life is perfect and magical. You still feel very human things.

There are a lot of misconceptions about being pretty

You’re not as smart as less attractive people. Like somehow your brains are directly proportionate to your looks.

You’re a bitch or stuck up. Because obviously if you’re pretty you can’t be nice too right?

You always get what you want. Sure you get a lot of free shit but like anything else, pretty is a door opener. It doesn’t necessarily keep you inside once you’re in.

You don’t have any problems. Like those big obstacles in life just cruise on by huh?

You’re automatically good in bed. It always makes me laugh how guys want to have sex with hot girls, simply because they’re hot. Looks have zero to do with performance; get a clue.

Pretty girls don’t feel jealousy. Lies. Of course we do! We’re human. When you see something you want that another has, it’s natural to want it too. Being pretty doesn’t make managing jealousy any easier.

Pretty Ugly

Insecurity and jealousy are like teenagers in puppy love. They cling to each other as though they can’t survive on their own, because essentially they can’t. (Insert “Mommmm you just don’t understand, we’re in love! here) But really, have you ever met an ultra-confident (not arrogant) person that was super jealous? Or a jealous person that feels good about themselves?

Probably not.

If you’re pretty it’s expected of you to not be jealous. Yes, you are pretty but jealousy is ugly so the two can’t share a world.

“What could you possibly be jealous of? You’re gorgeous!”

Rather than deal with the feelings behind being jealous, you might shove it down and pretend not to be. After all, jealousy is ugly and it’s not okay to feel that way. Then it may build and blow up at the worst time. “Who was that total skank I saw you with earlier!?!?”

“Um… That was my sister.


Your feelings are perfectly okay and they’re perfectly normal. You may look in the mirror and not see what others see. All you see is how that other chick looks smoking in those jeans you’re dying for, how that girl at the gym has better arms or how it makes you insane that your best friend has landed a total stud who also happens to be an amazing guy.

Tame That Green-Eyed Beast

When you haven’t dealt with your own issues of insecurity, jealousy will rear it’s ugly head.

I used to hang out with mostly men because girls were “drama” and “annoying.” It was so easy to judge and be jealous of other women because I refused to be around them. I put myself on this awesome “guys-girl” pedestal and looked down on those girls that seemingly looked like they had perfect lives because they were pretty. Sluts!

It took me awhile to get it but the more I spent time with other women, the less I felt jealous. Why? Because they’re human too! They’re gorgeous and hate their thighs and deprive themselves of cheeseburgers at times. They wish they could pull off the hair some other bitch has or could buy the boots that you saved for months to justify splurging on.

You start to understand each other, and in that you start to accept yourself a bit more.

I realized that while I was still sort of Tomboy-ish, I could relate with other women on so many different levels. I still have plenty of guy friends, but I love, love, LOVE my female friends and even the girls who work for me. There’s something so special about female connections that I’m thrilled to have discovered. You just have to stop being a bitter bitch, accept yourself and open your mind a bit.

Are you a pretty girl that feels jealousy? How do you manage to tame your green-eyed beast? 

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