Hey Little Rebel…

I will always be a writer first, entrepreneur second– so with the dissolve of my former site, I knew I’d need a home for my writing. I wanted to create the kind of place that I myself would want to visit. I want to share my new entrepreneurial journey with you, teach you some stuff, excite you and maybe show you different ways of thinking.  I hope you love all the awesome stuff I’ll be dishing out.

I never in a million years thought I’d make the decision to launch a fashion brand. Sure I know what looks pretty, but I’m really not all that stylish myself.

The Story of Rebellia

It all started last summer. I was in need of a few things for my upcoming trip to Spain. I had $300 in gift cards to a department store and figured I could get a few tops, sundresses and hopefully a formal dress to wear to a friend’s wedding. I’m not a big fan of the mall but I blocked off 2 hours of time to get this done.

2 hours later I left– empty handed and in tears.

I wasn’t upset because I hate my body and nothing looked good. I was upset because I love my body, work hard on it–and nothing fit. Tops are too tight on my boobs and too big on my stomach. A dress was gape-y in the armpit area. Bottoms are too tight on my butt and legs but huge in the waist. Sure, there were plenty of pieces I could try and make work, but nothing I loved. Nothing that truly fit and looked good.

And I was sick of settling.

I started to think about it. I deserve to feel good in my clothes. I deserve to have clothes that fit me. I deserve to put on something other than yoga pants once in awhile and still feel comfortable. Surely, I’m not the only woman to feel this way!

I so I thought…Why not me?

Giving Back

So here it is: In conjunction with Hey Little Rebel and the Rebel with a Cause Project, I will be launching a crowd funding campaign (like a Kickstarter) to fund my new venture, REBELLIA, a custom women’s clothing company. If all goes well, the official site will launch in the fall. I have decided that if I am starting a company that makes money, then from DAY ONE I plan to give back. The Rebel with a Cause Project will be dedicated to helping, funding and giving back to charities and causes that affect and are important to women. If you’d like to submit your cause, or a cause you care about please click here to learn more.