Motivation: A Periscope Chat With Chrystal & ...

Motivation: A Periscope Chat With Chrystal & Jamie

After a lot of talk, Chrystal and Jamie decided to do a Periscope chat on intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, fitness, food and just some standard shananigans.This video is a discussion on intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. What motivates you? What keeps you disciplined? What do you do when you fall off? Jamie and Chrystal sit down to discuss these topics along with food, fitness and laughter.

*Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes. Neither Jamie or Chrystal are experts, they are not certified nutritionists or fitness coaches. Jamie generally makes up 99% of her statistics and 49% of the information she gives (and then forgets it immediately after). Most of our knowledge comes from Google, something we read or our own experiences. We encourage you to do your own research and to not take everything we say (especially if it’s scientific) as law. We are not responsible for your lack of motivation but we’ll happily take any credit for an increase in motivation. Follow the advice at your own risk. The giveaway has passed and is no longer valid as a winner has already been chosen. This post may contain affiliate links.

Motivation: A Periscope Chat with Chrystal and Jamie — Transcribed Below

(All questions that are read out loud appear in italics)

Chrystal:         Hi, guys!

Jamie:              Hi!

Chrystal:         I hate —

Jamie:              Why do you get more of the camera?

Chrystal:         Will you stop it?

Jamie:              No! Share. Even. Make it even.

Chrystal:         Jamie, please.

Jamie:              Even Steven.

Chrystal:         I just don’t like how —

Jamie:              Hiii!

Chrystal:         I’m looking away instead of at it.

Jamie:              I know. I’m like looking over here.

Chrystal:         Hey. Hi.

Jamie:              Hello!

Chrystal:         Look who we got.

Jamie:              Look at us both blind. We’re going be like this like the whole time.

Chrystal:         I know. This is so bad.

Jamie:              Hi, guys.

Chrystal:         What up? What up? We’ll figure we’ll give it a couple of minutes, let people file in so we don’t get started and then be like, “Oh, wait.”

Jamie:              Yeah.

Chrystal:         We should put this on something.

Jamie:              Oh!

Chrystal:         Should prop it up.

Jamie:              I have an idea.

Chrystal:         Genius3 Hi, Jamie’s traps.

Jamie:              Oh, Jesus.

Chrystal:         Yayyy. Oh, hey girl. Preggers!

Jamie:              Who’s preggers?

Chrystal:         Tiffany.

Jamie:              Oh, hi. You going to name it Jamie? You should.

Chrystal:         Wish we could like tilt it. This is just like not enough.

Jamie:              You can tilt it. Is that better?

Chrystal:         I’m like really concerned with like the quality.

Jamie:              Hold on. My traps don’t look good in this angle. How about that? Is that better?

Chrystal:         I think so. Whatever.

Jamie:              Whatever.

Chrystal:         See our faces, I guess, not our muscles. Like, wait.

Jamie:              Hearts for traps. #heartsfortraps, somebody go do that.

Jamie:              Savannahbanana! Show — why aren’t you in the gym? My gym is in my garage. We could be but the lighting is better here.

Chrystal:         Yeah. How cool are you guys? I don’t think we’re really actually that cool, so —

Jamie:              Yeah. We discussed this the other night in a hotel room how uncool we actually are, which is probably why we’re friends.

Chrystal:         Oh, boobs? Yeah, that’s tooooootally going to happen. You’re in the right spot for that.

Jamie:              Mhm.Yeah. That will be instant block.

Chrystal:         I love — I love trolls so much.

Jamie:              Trolls? Oh, a little troll, live under a bridge, come out and say, hi, coming from his mom’s basement.

Chrystal:         Why don’t you show your boobs? Can I say how much I love the airport sign? Apparently, no one else at the airport thought it was funny.

Jamie:              Dude. Okay. So, first of all, she lands and I’m like, “What terminal did you fly into?” She’s like, “Oh, yeah, that terminal,” whatever. So, I show up to that terminal, right? With the sign and there’s like people everywhere and it’s awesome and everyone’s looking at me like they don’t —

Chrystal:         Love you too.

Jamie:              Really know if I’m serious or if I’m joking. So, they’re like, hey, they want to laugh but then like, what if she really just get home from rehab. Come to find out, I’m in the wrong terminal. I had to walk clear across to the other side of the airport for no one to be there.

Chrystal:         Yeah.

Jamie:              So, the sign was like, whatever.

Chrystal:         Look at — look at Axle in the background.

Jamie:              Axle, oh my cat.

Chrystal:         Oh, look at earthlings.

Jamie:              From Brussels, hiiii!

Chrystal:         So. Okay, so anyways, basically what we’re going to talk about — we’re going to talk a little bit about intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. We’re going to talk a little bit about what we do, what motivates us, how we’re disciplined. Then we’re going to talk about what we eat because that’s the best fucking part about all this.

Jamie:              Food.

Chrystal:         Food and we’re going to give away some prizes. We’re going to give away the entry fee. Then we’re also going to give away an Ashley Horner program. So, you’ll get the program, entry fee to the Transform You challenge and —

Jamie:              We will start blocking people.

Chrystal:         Yeah. The pervs can just — they’ll get tired of it eventually.

Jamie:              Yeah.

Chrystal:         Who gives a shit? Then, you’ll get ten weeks with us breathing down your neck to kick ass at this challenge. So, there’s that. We’ll pull someone afterwards so we can see everyone who was here. Then —

Jamie:              And it will be totally random. Like, we’ll make a computer pick names. So, all of that will be fun and fair.

Chrystal:         Do we have that kind of technology at our fingertips?

Jamie:              I mean, we’ll make it work.

Chrystal:         We’ll figure it out. Okay. So —

Jamie:              I’ll make my kids do it. So, as far as extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, I feel like if you don’t know what motivates you, you’re never going to stay motivated. So, you have to figure out what that is. I made a post about it a couple weeks ago and as far as what motivates me, I’m both. There’s goals that I make that I need to hit and so, I make myself put in the work to hit those goals. Then being online and seeing other people destroy PRs — helping other people hit PRs is, you know, that totally lights my fire and makes me want to do more.

Chrystal:         Yes. We’re definitely — we’re from Jamaica.

Jamie:              You like the mug? Yeah. it’s amazing.

Chrystal:         I really do think that it takes both. I don’t think you can only be intrinsically motivated only just from yourself. I think it’s got to take something external also to motivate you. It can’t just be external. Like, you have to have something inner as well. For me personally, it’s both. You know, obviously we all have our aesthetic goals, we want to look a certain. That — I mean, if you say you don’t care about what you look like, you’re fucking lying.

Jamie:              Everyone cares what you look like. The cool thing is, is you can either focus on what you look like or you can focus on doing the work and what you look like becomes a byproduct.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              And that in turn becomes a motivator because you’re like, “Oh, hey, I haven’t even been focusing on abs. I have abs now. What the fuck?”

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              Like, it’s amazing. Word.

Chrystal:         Word. Yeah. So, for me personally, you know, like, I just started working with Krissy Mae Cagney for my nutrition and you know, day in and day out I’m like hitting, you know, five days a week I’m hitting a gym. I’m working out. I’m eating. I’m doing all this stuff and I’m going to bed and I’m just doing it over and over again. And then suddenly I’m like, “Dude, like, I’m not training for a competition, like, I’m not –” oh. Great. Let me know how you like it. You know, I’m not training for a competition. I’m not trying to you know — why am I working so hard?

And it took me a little bit to step back and be like, “Okay, you know, this is obviously important to me. This is what I want,” but like what externally is driving me to do this? And, you know, the more I think about it, with my blog HeyLittleRebel and then with, you know, the future of the clothing company that I’m building and, you know, being in fitness. Like a lot of the times, you know, you look more of like an authority when you have the aesthetics. Our trainer, when I’m struggling in the gym Jamie — who’s Jamie Pinder? I don’t — I’m — do I fail? I fail.

Jamie:              I’m Googling.

Chrystal:         I don’t know who that is. She’s going to Google. Aww. Jamie, your Snapchats in your garage help motivate me.

Jamie:              Yay!!

Chrystal:         Yay!! So, that’s extrinsic. That’s like you see someone else and you’re like. “Yeah, that’s fucking rad,” and then you are pushed to do better. Popp. She meant you.

Jamie:              Oh. I’m like, who’s Pinder? Like, I’m Googling her. I don’t know who that is.

Chrystal:         I’m going to be like, Pinder! Start calling you that now.

Jamie:              New nickname! Yeah and that’s the other thing too like if — you know everyone makes fun of people that are always on social media and you know checking Facebook and checking Instagram and stuff from the gym and I like to do one set lift, two sets Facebook.

Chrystal:         Yeah.

Jamie:              That’s, I mean, that’s how I roll.

Chrystal:         Yeah. Like my workouts would take me like fucking 45 minutes to an hour maybe if I didn’t — wasn’t like Facebooking in between every set.

Jamie:              Yeah. Well, and that’s just it. You know — that, I mean flipside of that it can also be negative because you can look at somebody and be like, “Hey, you know, they started working out after me. Why did they look so much better than I do?” Social media is not real all of the time. Also a lot of people only show the good things.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              Like, nobody —

Chrystal:         The highlight reel.

Jamie:              Yeah and so if people put their whole life on there, all their failures and all their bad days, like, they wouldn’t have the thousands of followers. So, I mean —

Chrystal:         Or shit, maybe they’d have more.

Jamie:              Maybe. I mean, flipside.

Chrystal:         I don’t know. I show that shit and I only have like —

Jamie:              Yeah. So, you can’t look at other peoples’ progress and compare it to yourself because you also don’t know their nutrition is. They could be nailing their diet a hundred percent and be totally on point and they don’t, you know, fall off, and they don’t drink and they don’t, you know, stay up late.

Chrystal:         Which is different for everybody, you know, like —

Jamie:              Yeah.

Chrystal:         Jamie. I can look at Jamie’s progress photos and be like, “What are you doing? Oh my God. You look amazing. I want to do exactly what you do,” and like, for my body, it’s totally different, like it’s not — it may not even work, you know.

Jamie:              Yeah and see and that’s why I think that we —

Chrystal:         You’re not a fraud.

Jamie:              You know, you’re not a fraud dude. Like, everybody does their own thing. She logs and she tracks all of her food. I don’t. My progress is different from her progress. Is my progress any better? No,

Chrystal:         It’s different. Different.

Jamie:              It’s just different. We’re different sports and different people. So, what I do works for me and what she does works for her. I can’t log every day. I don’t want to nor will I. Okay.

Chrystal:         We’ll have to — we’ll look her up.

Jamie:              Yeah. I’m Googling. Now I’m Googling. So, yeah, I mean, I logged for a long time and I’m to the point now where I’m tired of it and I don’t want to do that. I think it’s time consuming for me personally and so I know what my body needs in order for me to perform.

Chrystal:         Mhm. Right.

Jamie:              I don’t care about what I look like. If I can move the weight, that’s what matters to me. If there’s a day that I can’t move the weight, I think about alright, what did I eat? How did I sleep? When’s the last time I trained? Like, all of this plays into it. There’s days that I can, you know, dead lift 400 pounds and it was like, ‘Whoa, I feel like I could do 405 or 410,” and then there’s days where it’s like 285 and I’m like, “Fuck, like it’s glued to the floor. Like I can’t do it.”

Chrystal:         I think the diet is always a struggle for people.

Jamie:              Yeah.

Chrystal:         I mean, anyone who is like, “Oh no, I have no problem, like, eating,” you know, like — it’s hard. It’s really fucking hard because there’s times where, you know, there’s temptations. There’s pizza. There’s, you know —

Jamie:              I just Googled myself on accident.

Chrystal:         That’s hilarious.

Jamie:              Because I’m stupid.

Chrystal:         Someone’s head is getting a little fucking large.

Jamie:              Throw away the scale!

Chrystal:         Well yeah, you know what, the scale is a tool. Like that’s the thing.

Jamie:              Holy shit.

Chrystal:         I weigh myself. I do. I weigh myself but you know what I don’t sit there and live and die by that number. I also understand that sometimes sodium — nice.

Jamie:              Dude.

Chrystal:         Sometimes sodium, you know, makes the difference. Sometimes, you know, my cycle makes a difference and I don’t really give a shit because I know I have weighed exactly the same as I weigh right now and had a shitload more body fat. So, it doesn’t really matter.

Jamie:              No.

Chrystal:         And I think, you know, for me like I do track my food. You know, it’s nothing for me to just throw something on a scale and you know and count my macros and i prefer that honestly because for me I know exactly what goes in and if I decide tomorrow like hey, you know, I don’t want to do maintenance any more, I want to cut or like, you know, I want to start gaining muscle. So, I know exactly what to add and what to tweak because I know exactly what’s going in my body.

Jamie:              Mhm. Yeah.

Chrystal:         But the comparison is you got —

Jamie:              You got to stop.

Chrystal:         You got to stop.

Jamie:              And here’s the thing, like, if you do macros and it works for you, that’s amazing.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes people just — the concept is too much and they can’t — they don’t want to do the math and they don’t want to weigh in, they don’t want —

Chrystal:         I mean, it’s stressful.

Jamie:              And that’s fine. You don’t have to. it’s just food.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              That’s it. It’s just food. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Eat to perform. Eat to perform and eat enough. That’s the other thing too. Like, if you don’t eat, you’re not going to move weight. That’s simple as that.

Chrystal:         Right. If that’s what you want to do. I mean, and like there’s, you know, some people want to body build and look a certain way and some people want to do– yeah. Exactly. Like the best program for you is the one that you can stick with. Like the reason why I’m doing the program that I’m doing is because it challenges me enough to keep me going to the fucking gym. Like, I can’t train for aesthetics because as much as I want to look a certain way — because I do. As much as I want to look a certain way, if I am only focused on my looks, I won’t go to the gym. I’m like, eh, fuck it but if I’m like, you know what, I want to, you know, perfect my snatch or I want to get a — I want to PR on my clean, like I’m going to keep going.

Jamie:              Mhm. If you’re not eating enough and that’s something honestly that I struggle with a lot too. There’s days that I’m like, “Holy fuck, like it’s four o’clock and I haven’t eaten yet.” I’m —

Chrystal:         She’s so bad at that. I’m going to tell you guys right now.

Jamie:              I’m really bad.

Chrystal:         She sucks at eating sometimes and she tells me what she’s eating and I’m like, are you fucking kidding me? Go eat something. It’s ridiculous.

Jamie:              Yeah and I just, you know, I work and I have two kids and I — you know, sometimes I just get busy and I don’t eat and it’s an excuse and you know it is what it is. So, I notice though that if I wake up and I’m like, you know what, I’m not hungry. Like I don’t have time to cook, I can crack eggs into a shaker, throw it in my blender with some milk and some Nesquik and some PB2 or peanut butter.

Chrystal:         Her entire fucking fridge is meal prepped. Like I’m apparently allowed to eat whatever I want. You open this fridge and I’m like I don’t want to touch anything in here. Like, I’m scared.

Jamie:              It takes too — as long as I can get that shake in, I know that that’s, you know, my protein and there’s fat. So, if I can get that shake in then I notice like okay, now I’m onset and I’ll eat more that day. If I don’t eat that shake in the morning, there’s two, three o’clock before I eat.

Chrystal:         I’m always hungry.

Jamie:              I’m always hungry and I want beer. Oh, beer though.

Chrystal:         Hey, I worked beer into my macro so.

Jamie:              So, we did not eat beer, drink beer. We did not drink beer.

Chrystal:         Okay but we drank pussy beer. Like we drank Michelob ULTRA the other night. Like we’re so lame. Like we’re sitting in this hotel room, drinking fucking Michelob ULTRA —

Jamie:              Listening to mariachi music.

Chrystal:         Yeah. It was bad.

Jamie:              We were being serenaded.

Chrystal:         Not intentionally. It was like the abandoned building next door had like hardcore mariachi music.

Jamie:              And we talked about being competitive.

Chrystal:         Yes. We had a very long conversation about competition. Hey, Erin!

Jamie:              Erin!! Hiiiii!!

Chrystal:         Hi.

Jamie:              I love you.

Chrystal:         I love you.

Jamie:              Fangirl. Yeah, we talked about being competitive and you know upsides and the downsides to being competitive and we drank Michelob ULTRA. Dude, her eyebrows.

Chrystal:         They so need to be like handled right now, so I love you for saying that. So, thank you.

Jamie:              She’s so perfect and pretty.

Chrystal:         I’m not going to argue with you. I got called a Barbie princess last night. I was not upset about it.

Jamie:              Who called you a Barbie princess?

Chrystal:         You!

Jamie:              Oh, I did. That’s right.

Chrystal:         She has a memory of a goldfish you guys.

Jamie:              I do. Sorry. Yeah, it’s awful. If I ever told you that I was going to like text you or email you something and —

Chrystal:         She’s not an asshole. She just forgot.

Jamie:              Never did. I — it’s like once around the tank you guys and I lose all of it.

Chrystal:         So, do we want to — what else do we want to talk about?

Jamie:              Well, let’s talk about how do we — maybe if we stopped working out for like a week, how do we start again. Maybe I feel like that’s, you know, that matters. Some people —

Chrystal:         Danielle…Hey, girl!

Jamie:              What do you think about trying to lose that last bit of — how’s your diet? What are you eating or not eating?

Chrystal:         Yeah, like, people think abs are like — oh, you know, like, yes, if you’re like working out like a crazy person and you know you’re eating and you’re not you know thinking about it like abs occur sometimes but a lot of the times it’s we —

Jamie:              Abs just occur. They just happen.

Chrystal:         A lot of the times it’s like abs are fucking hungry like abs equal hunger. Like you’re not going to have this super lean physique and not be hungry.

Jamie:              Feed. Feed them.

Chrystal:         But yeah, if you fall off, you know, a week, two weeks, a month, the worst thing you can possibly do is beat the shit out of yourself mentally for it because what’s the point? You know, like, it’s not going to get you in the gym by feeling like crap about yourself, you just have to get back to it. Whatever it takes, whether it’s putting on, you know, my gym shoes, I know I’m going to walk in there or whatever.

Jamie:              New clothes do it for me. If I buy a new workout shirt – thanks! If I buy a new workout shirt or new shoes or new whatever and just put them on, I got to go show it off. Like, I got to do something.

Chrystal:         I know. I’m doing totally something wrong. I need to start buying more Flag Nor Fail shit.

Jamie:              Flag Nor Fail shit.

Chrystal:         I guess.

Jamie:              Dude, they just showed up. It was incredible. I don’t know what happened. Oh, I love you too.

Chrystal:         If the people in your life don’t support you and they don’t get it, like, you have to understand like —

Jamie:              Cut them out.

Chrystal:         Coming from someone who my entire life no one believed in me and it’s not like a wah, wah victim thing. My parents, just, was like whatever. She’s not going to do anything with her life like at all and so I had to be my own driving force. I just had to be like, “You know what, whatever it takes for me to not fucking fail, like that’s what I have to do,” and I stopped giving a shit whether people cheered for me or whether they put me down because cheering for you, yeah it’s great to have people support you but what if there’s no one there?

What if suddenly one day, they’re just gone? Then what? You have to push yourself. You have to be your own cheerleader and not everyone is going to get it and you have to be okay with not everyone fucking getting it because it’s your life. It’s not theirs.

Jamie:              Yes. Use it as a driving force.

Chrystal:         Yeah, sure.

Jamie:              I don’t know if you guys read the article that I wrote for this chick’s blog or not or if you’re in the group that we’re all in — staple in my.. — eggs and rice, is my staple.

Chrystal:         I eat, I know this sounds gross but cottage cheese or Greek yogurt before bed instead of casein protein because I don’t want to waste the money on it.

Jamie:              But like I grew up in a house where —

Chrystal:         Exactly.

Jamie:              I was always you know, why are you wanting to play football and — no more Express shirts, Jamie. Dude, I can’t. They don’t — they don’t work. We just talked about that last night. I pulled out a blazer that didn’t work. So, I mean, my whole life it’s, “Why aren’t you a girl? Why don’t you want to where make up? Why don’t you do this? Oh my God, you got a tattoo.” Here’s the thing. I ended up cutting those people out of my life. They don’t make my life better. Ashley Horner just made a post the other day about painting your own canvas and don’t hand anybody else the brush.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              That was fucking gold because it’s totally accurate. If somebody doesn’t — they don’t have to like what you do, you know. There’s people that I love to death — they don’t understand what I do. They don’t get it but they don’t say anything negative. They’re like that’s good for you. Awesome, you know.

Chrystal:         Jamie is competing in Strongman so she a — she’s in…

Jamie:              I compete in Strongman. I actually have — my next competition is on Saturday. It’s California’s Strongest Woman up in Santa Cruz California. What? But back to my point, it’s — here’s the thing. If these people talk negative to you, they put bad thoughts in your head, use it to make you stronger. Say, you know —

Chrystal:         But don’t give them credit for it because I hate that shit. You know, like, don’t be like, “Oh, my haters make me better.” No, like, it’s just block it out. Like, let it — you know, just be your own driving force.

Jamie:              Yeah. Use it to empower you.

Chrystal:         Because you’re not going to care. Like when you get to where you want to be, like, you’re not going to look back and be like, “Ha, ha. you know, like, I told you people.”

Jamie:              No, because at that point — yeah. They can light your fire but you’re the one that has to keep it lit. You know, that’s all that matters.

Chrystal:         Yeah.

Jamie:              Like, I just got blocked from Facebook from a girl the other day because apparently I hit my goals and she hasn’t and now —

Chrystal:         She’s pissed off about it.

Jamie:              She’s bitter. She’s a bitter Betty. She’s a bitter Betty. It’s alright. I’ve got abs.

Chrystal:         Yeah. Accountability, you know, like, I mean, it helps to have accountability but then you know, sometimes you just have to do it for yourself. Like, you can’t always have someone else be there to tell what to do and that’s where the intrinsic comes in. You know, like, you have to get up and be like this is what I want and with your one falling off the wagon, two weeks falling off the wagon, one month whatever —

Jamie:              Three years falling off the wagon, whatever.

Chrystal:         Think about the last time. Think about the last time. How long did it take you to get back to it? Is it quicker this time? Awesome. Then you’re fucking progressing. You know, like, I fall off. I’ll be like, you know, after a week I’m like, “What am I doing. What am I doing?” And I could continue to just fall down the black hole or I could be like, “You know what? It’s been a week, It’s not a big deal. it’s not –” you know, maybe I needed the break and then I just pick back up, get back to it and the time is going to pass anyways.

Jamie:              Well, and if — she, it was so hard after my wedding, that’s all I wanted to work out for. That’s fine. I mean, you — here’s the thing. You set a goal and what happened? You set a goal and what happened? You worked out, because you had a goal.

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              All you need to do now is set a new goal.

Chrystal:         New goal.

Jamie:              What is it? You want — you’re going to go to some concert and you go buy a crop top or you buy short shorts. I mean, whatever it is, it could be I want to squat 350. I mean, what do you want to do?

Chrystal:         Right.

Jamie:              Set a goal and then make smaller goals to hit that.

Chrystal:         Right and I think performance goals like are always going to trump aesthetic goals when it comes to sticking to things. You know, if you go into the gym and you’re like, “I feel fricken strong. I feel, you know, like I want to be able to lift 300 dead lift,” or like whatever. If you’re like I have these performance goals, you know, where I want to be able to do this many pull ups whatever. Those are always going to be a little bit more motivating than like, “I want to look a certain way,” because you’re going to look in the mirror at yourself and be like, “Wah, I don’t look this way. Wah, why?”

Jamie:              I still — it’s been six months and I don’t look like this.

Chrystal:         Yeah. I mean, it’s like, it’s frustrating you know and you’re not going to see your own progress in a mirror.

Jamie:              Coffee.

Chrystal:         I know, I like kind of wish we had wine. My coffee is like over there.

Jamie:              I can’t drink though.

Chrystal:         I know. I wish I had a wine to drink in front of you.

Jamie:              So, I — I. That’s just mean. That’s kind of a dick thing to do. I don’t appreciate that.

Chrystal:         I’m kind of a dick.

Jamie:              I know. Okay, go well here okay —

Chrystal:         Well, okay. We talked about this.

Jamie:              Crazybitch24/7 that’s actually a little crazy, you have to allow your body to grow. You are not going to hit a PR every time you go to the gym. If you are, it’s not going to last forever. Okay. So, make sure that you put in the work so that your PRs are earned and they’re big PRs.

Chrystal:         Right. Right, I mean you go into the gym every time —

Jamie:              Thank you.

Chrystal:         Trying to hit a PR. It’s like you need — I hadn’t tested my deadlift in like fuck, more than six months. Like not because oh, I don’t, you know — I’m scared, I’m not strong enough, but I didn’t test it because it didn’t come up in my program to test it and I’m like, “I know I’m getting stronger.” Sometimes I look at my program and I’m like, “What the hell is this even for. Why am I doing this?”

Then you know the other day with Jamie, I’m like, “You know what? I’m pulling a dead lift, it’s in my program, it’s five pounds off my max, let’s just fuck it. Let’s go for a max and then I got a 40-pound PR.” Like getting a huge PR like that is so much cooler than being like, “Yeah, I just want to eek out a pound or two like every time I go,” every time I go because then what happens when you aren’t hitting those numbers every single time because in the beginning it’s easy to do and then later on —

Jamie:              It gets harder.

Chrystal:         It’s a lot harder.

Jamie:              Five pounds becomes an insane amount. Like, right now my bench is at 190. All I want is to hit 200 but the next time I bench I may only hit 180. Why? I don’t know. What was my sleep? How was this? How was that but it —

Chrystal:         Favorite carb— okay, so here’s the thing. I struggle with what to eat for leaning out. So, here’s the thing is that carb is a carb, is a carb, is a carb. Like your body gives zero fucks on whether or not it’s from a sweet potato or a white potato. It’s a gram of carbs. like, it really doesn’t matter. So, you want to focus on the amount. Like people are like, “Oh, salad is free,” like well not if you eat 500 pounds of it, it’s still going to add up. It’s a carb.

Jamie:              Yeah and see, her and I disagree a little bit about the clean versus dirty thing. So —

Chrystal:         There’s no such thing as dirty. We won’t have this conversation but if you read Krissy Mae Cagney’s eBook, Flexible Dieting, you will see that there’s no sense in demonizing certain foods. Obviously if you sit around and eat McDonald’s all day you’re going to feel like fucking shit. Aesthetically you can still reach your goals. You will fucking feel disgusting but you can. So, but, you know, you want to like fill your body with like 80, 90 percent whole clean foods because when you feel better, you perform better.

Krissy Mae Cagney. She wrote a book called Flexible Dieting 2.0. It’s an eBook. Krissy is actually my nutrition coach. She is a huge fucking authority on nutrition. Should you always hit your macros? I mean, you want to be within four grams. If you’re going to do it, do it right. You want to be within four grams.

Jamie:              A 500. I could go for a 500. You guys, I mean cutting —

Chrystal:         I exaggerate a little bit.

Jamie:              I have to cut weight for my show on Saturday and I’m on day two of my cut and it’s getting real.

Chrystal:         The struggle is real because I’m like, “I want to eat a burrito,” and she’s like, “No.”

Jamie:              I can’t do it. I can’t. In fact, this is what I’m doing right now. This is number two. I have to finish today and then add more again tomorrow.

Chrystal:         Jamie is going to hit a water PR today.

Jamie:              It’s awful–

Chrystal:         I like really crack myself.

Jamie:              How much I — today? A lot.

Chrystal:         You’re good though. You usually get a gallon in everyday don’t you? Or no. No. Okay.

Jamie:              I would say probably —

Chrystal:         Why distilled?

Jamie:              Why distilled? A peeing PR. PPR.

Chrystal:         PPR.

Jamie:              Distilled helps flush water out of your body. Your body doesn’t hold onto distilled water as it does regular water or so I read on the internet because I don’t really know.

Chrystal:         No.

Jamie:              So, I was told, drink distilled. So —

Chrystal:         I don’t drink enough. I will tell you that right now. I am horrible. Someone challenge — someone in the group, Jonathan Baker, challenged me actually, me and Jamie and a couple other people to drink an entire gallon of water in a day and I did it, begrudgingly and I lost like a pound and a half overnight. I was like, whaaat?

Jamie:              Drink more water.

Chrystal:         Apparently, I hold water.

Jamie:              Yeah. The fat — I mean, if you drink more water your body flushes toxins. I mean, it’s just let your liver work because you don’t need a cleanse. Stop it.

Chrystal:         Oh my God. Cleanses and wraps and —

Jamie:              Stop it. I swear to God. Hey, you want to do a wrap?

Chrystal:         Yeah.

Jamie:              I’ve got some saranwrap in the drawer, it’s exactly the same thing.

Chrystal:         Doing shots of apple cider vinegar. I honestly have no fucking idea. I would like to know that as well.

Jamie:              I don’t know dude. I just drink water. I mean —

Chrystal:         There’s so many like, eat this super food today, this week —

Jamie:              Water and beer.

Chrystal:         Yeah. There’s always like some super-hot, super food of the moment. Like, “Acai is really good for you. Oh my God, you guys, pitaya.” Like and there’s always fucking something.

Jamie:              What did you just say? Nutella?

Chrystal:         Pitaya.

Jamie:              What the fuck is that?

Chrystal:         It’s like a dragon fruit. I have some in my freezer.

Jamie:              I thought she said Nutella. I was like, I’m down.

Chrystal:         You know, like —

Jamie:              Beer has water. It’s absolutely accurate.

Chrystal:         It does have water.

Jamie:              Dude, drink water.

Chrystal:         They say that it has more nutrients like after a workout to drink a beer. We’re not very good influences apparently.

Jamie:              I mean, alright. So, yes, drinking a beer it’s one ounce of hard alcohol, four ounces of beer and two ounces of wine is supposed to be really good. But also understand that the alcohol complete stops protein synthesis. Like, you will stop building muscle the minute you start drinking alcohol after a workout. So, it may have macros but you probably shouldn’t.

Chrystal:         Whatever.

Jamie:              Yeah, beer kills gains. Yeah. I like beer though.

Chrystal:         It’s kind of, I mean, like for me like I want to be able to live a full life.

Jamie:              Do you have something more bucket-ish for this wine? This glass is ridiculous.

Chrystal:         Two ounces. It is two ounces.

Jamie:              What is this a glass for ants?

Chrystal:         I’m like, who drinks two ounces of wine. I think it’s like the equivalent is like four ounces of wine, an ounce of spirits and 12 ounces of beer is all like —

Jamie:              Yeah, I pulled those numbers out of my ass. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Chrystal:         Jamie makes up statistics a lot. Like the other day she’s like, “97 percent of people,” and I was like, “Where did you get that number?”

Jamie:              I was like — it’s actually 73 percent.

Chrystal:         If she uses a statistic in any of her posts, call bullshit because it’s not real.

Jamie:              I read it somewhere. I don’t know.

Chrystal:         It’s not real.

Jamie:              I like to back up my own theories with numbers that don’t make any sense.

Chrystal:         Yeah, why not.

Jamie:              30 a day keeps the doctor away? That would come from Savannah.

Chrystal:         Burrito is about to keep the doctor away for me.

Jamie:              Burritos! So, cool. So —

Chrystal:         Basically you want to like — can you guys start coaching already? Oh, fuck no.

Jamie:              Oh God no. We don’t coach. Here’s the — here, I’m going to coach you guys some legit shit right now. Alright, go to — get a pen. I’ll wait. Alright. Go to W-W-W dot — wait for it, Ashley Horner dot C-O. Don’t get fancy and add the M. There’s no M.

Chrystal:         There’s no M in that shit.

Jamie:              There’s no M in that shit. Ashley Horner dot C-O and buy some programs.

Chrystal:         Yeah, amen.

Jamie:              They give you traps.

Chrystal:         They give you traps. Oh come on!

Jamie:              And Strongman — and Strongman gives you traps.

Chrystal:         We did. We met —

Jamie:              We met on the internet. She started creeping me like it was weird.

Chrystal:         Here’s the weird thing. Actually, this is really weird. So, we met in the AH group but then also someone reached out to me that I used to be her boss. So, this girl reached out to me and she was like, “Oh my God, how do you know Jamie Popp?” And I was like, “How do you know that I know her?” She’s like, “Well, it’s weird because my dad married her and her husband at their wedding,” or whatever and I was like, “That’s really strange random.”

Jamie:              Wait, what?

Chrystal:         Thompson. Her dad was —

Jamie:              Oh, I forgot about that! Oh yeah. Sorry.

Chrystal:         Yeah. So, apparently this is like the kind of like conversation where like people have their first date and like the man forgets all of it. Goldfish, exactly. Squirrel.

Jamie:              I’m like, wait, what, how did we meet? I thought we met on the internet.

Chrystal:         Yeah. So, I was like — I reached out to her and I was like, “Dude, how do you know Thompson,” whatever and she’s like, “Oh, yeah, weird,” blah, blah, blah. and we were like, I don’t know, randomly just started chatting and then we started texting like every day and then we started sending bitmojis all the time. Then we started FaceTiming all the time.

Jamie:              So, alright, so I met her in real life. Right, I make her that sign, everything is hilarious. We’re standing on an escalator, which I have a legit fear of, so I’m already like super don’t want to be on this thing, like hanging on for dear life because their death traps and what happens? Here comes Chrystal’s finger and she just pokes my trap. Just literally meeting this woman for the first time and she’s just poke and she goes, “I just wanted to touch it.” I was like, “Are you serious?” Just — like Austin Powers is like, “Mo-o-o-ole.”

Chrystal:         I wasn’t going to like not do it. I was like, “They’re staring at me, might as well.” Why not, right?

Jamie:              Fricken weirdos.

Chrystal:         We are weird.

Jamie:              Okay. So, we are going to do a giveaway. How do you feel about the people — I feel like they just don’t know. I don’t want to call them stupid. They just don’t know. They’re not informed. They don’t have all the information. That shit does not work.

Chrystal:         No. All those pictures like when people are like, it’s like the months apart or whatever. It’s, they every single It Works person will tell you, oh, it’s not a substitute for diet and exercise, it’s like yeah, no kidding. So, when you’re doing all this diet and exercise — Oh my God, she’s choking. You know, when you do all this diet and exercise and do the wraps, obviously you’re going to see all these results. It’s not from the wrap. It does extract, you know, water from —

Jamie:              It doesn’t even extract. It just moves it. It literally just relocates the water in that area. I could wrap her up like a fricken burrito and she’d go down to like a size negative two for like 20 minutes and then it would be like, “Ugh.”

Chrystal:         I think it’s totally, like, honestly for a photoshoot if I was going to do like some half naked photo shoot, yeah, like wrap me up, let’s do this. Let’s do the shoot. I’m going to eat after. Great but like in terms of like actual like results, like, no. It’s not a solution it’s just a magic pill that doesn’t actually work.

Jamie:              No. Like I said the other day, we were talking about it in the hotel like there is no magic fucking pill you guys. It’s wrapped up in consistency and dedication and motivation and you —

Chrystal:         Discipline.

Jamie:              Discipline is huge. Like, you want to talk, you know, about why people get the results they get is because they put in the fucking work. Okay, nobody — there is no trick. There’s no secret. You just go in the gym and you get intense and you put up some fucking weight and you get it done. Then you go to the fridge and you crack a couple eggs and you eat the shit out of it. Put some hot sauce on it because that makes it even better. Tangent!

Chrystal:         Nerd.

Jamie:              Also, we’re going to give away an Ashley Horner program of your choice and we’re going to buy your entry fee into the Transform You challenge. Then my sponsor that I have is Team Frēk. I’m going to give away —

Chrystal:         Her “sponsor”.

Jamie:              My sponsor. I’m a sponsored athlete. I’m going to give away one of their t-shirts. So, if we pick you for the Transform You challenge —

Chrystal:         What if you own all of them? Well, then you don’t win.

Jamie:              Then you don’t win.

Chrystal:         You’re a loser. I’m just kidding.

Jamie:              I mean, I feel like if you own all of them —

Chrystal:         Exactly.

Jamie:              That’s impressive.

Chrystal:         Yeah. I mean, if you own all of them then what do you need us for?

Jamie:              Get it done. You literally now are just your own excuse. You have everything you need.

Chrystal:         Not that I’m condoning it.

Jamie:              Not that I’m condoning use —

Chrystal:         She was saying that even people who take steroids will have to put in the work.

Jamie:              Yeah. Nobody can stick a needle in their ass and get muscles. That’s just not how that works.

Chrystal:         It just helps.

Jamie:              I mean if I could — yeah, but also I’m going to give away some Team Frēk stuff. So, you guys can check out that stuff online. Go to Team Frēk.

Chrystal:         It’s like totally in reverse. You guys.

Jamie:              It’s actually spelled like frek. So, for the longest time I was saying it wrong. But it’s actually freak. It’s a long E but go check them out. I’ll send you guys a shirt. I don’t know. Should we send the shirt to the same person that wins the —

Chrystal:         No. I think we should send it to someone else.

Jamie:              Alright. So, we’ll do two giveaways. We’ll do a Team Frēk shirt to somebody that does not win the Ashley Horner stuff and then we’ll do the Ashley Horner giveaway because she is badass and I love her.

Chrystal:         Yeah. So I guess how we’re going to do this is we’re going to look at everyone who watched the broadcast or was here at some point. Then I guess everyone’s names might be a little different, so we’re going to have to hunt you down.

Jamie:              So, here’s what we’ll do. In the group for the Ashley Horner stuff, follow us both on Instagram and on Facebook —

Chrystal:         You want to give your handle?

Jamie:              Instagram is jmp2036.

Chrystal:         And mine is just @xtalrose. You can follow me on Facebook. I don’t have any room for friends right now.

Jamie:              I do. I have room for friends. We can be friends. Do you want to be my friend?

Chrystal:         But I do — here’s the thing is because I have reached my cap and I have people who follow. So, what I do is whenever someone really is irritating to me or I see some dumb guy or creep I just delete him and then I go through my followers and then I add them. So, yeah. You can always nudge me.

Jamie:              So, yeah, there’s a 5,000 —

Chrystal:         There’s a 5,000 friend limit on Facebook.

Jamie:              She’s popular. Whatever. Whatever. So, then if your periscope name is not totally obvious to us, who you are, so we don’t reach out to you individually. We’ll post it on one of those platforms or both and then just message us on there so that we can get your information and —

Chrystal:         I want new friends but they won’t let me have new friends.

Jamie:              She’s really not even that cool you guys. I don’t know why you guys, people like her.

Chrystal:         I’m not.

Jamie:              She’s not cool at all.

Chrystal:         It’s not even from fitness-y stuff either. it’s from like — I’ve been writing for a really, really long time and I guess people sort of like what I write about so —

Jamie:              I mean, it’s legit.

Chrystal:         It’s you know.

Jamie:              That’s alright.

Chrystal:         I have a book.

Jamie:              Cool. Alright. So, are you ready to go eat?

Chrystal:         Oh my God, yes. She — like, show them what my face did today when you were like — when you said burrito.

Jamie:              Oh. I got — I’m like, so, I saved all — because I get 50 carbs today. That’s it.

Chrystal:         So, famous

Jamie:              So, I’m like, I saved them all. like, I’m totally going to eat a burrito and have carbs and as soon as I said —

Chrystal:         You guys are welcome.

Jamie:              Soon as I said burrito, she’s like, really? She was like a kid, Christmas morning. Like, they’re for me, a burrito?

Chrystal:         I’m excited. Food is like one of my most exciting things. Like this — my life is really boring clearly because I am mostly excited about what I’m going to eat and as to where I’m going to go.

Jamie:              Cool. Can’t wait to — oh, yay. Who is that? Smv77. Who are you?

Chrystal:         I want a burrito.

Jamie:              Yeah. Saturday is going to be intense you guys. So, I will also post the link they — hey, Stacy!

Chrystal:         Periscope the Strongman. Maybe I will.

Jamie:              There’s a link. You guys can watch it on YouTube. It will be streamed live. I will post the link on my Instagram and I will post it on Facebook and I will post it in the group and I’m going to be super annoying about it.

Chrystal:         Yeah. She will. She will. but no, you guys, like seriously, like, thank you for watching and like, we’re happy to do this. Like, we’re actually pretty stoked about this and I’m actually kind of sad that we can’t periscope from a distance.

Jamie:              We made notes.

Chrystal:         We did.

Jamie:              We did. We talked about it.

Chrystal:         We’re nerds but yeah, like, if we can find a way to maybe do this or maybe doubly — I don’t know. We’ll figure it out.

Jamie:              Doubly.

Chrystal:         Doubly.

Jamie:              We’re going to doubly periscope.

Chrystal:         Figure it out.

Jamie:              We’ll figure it out. I mean, we’ve been talking about wanting to do this for a while.

Chrystal:         The podcast, yeah.

Jamie:              You know how like a podcast or some way that we can get together and host shenanigans and talk about —

Chrystal:         Jamie has a Periscope.

Jamie:              I have Periscope homie. I just never do it.

Chrystal:         We need to get together and do this every two months, maybe more.

Jamie:              Oh, so funny story about that. I am going to Virginia Beach. I’m going to go work out at Sled Dogs. What? The end of April. So, we will be together again at the end of April.

Chrystal:         We will.

Jamie:              So, I am going — When am I going?

Chrystal:         Yeah, I’m also going — you said the 20th or the 25th.

Jamie:              Hold on, let me check my calendar.

Chrystal:         And I’m going to Camp Valor also.

Jamie:              Oh, yeah. I’m not going to that Camp Valor.

Chrystal:         In Virginia Beach. So if you guys are going let me know.

Jamie:              I’m going to Camp Valor in San Diego.

Chrystal:         And I’m doing the Spartan. So, if you haven’t signed up for the Spartan, Spartan Best the Ashley Horner herself is doing with us. We have a team of like almost like 70 people and if we have the biggest team — yeah, in Ohio. We get snacks and like a VIP tent and so —

Jamie:              Go. Do it.

Chrystal:         I’m really excited. I want the snacks.

Jamie:              I’m not going.

Chrystal:         So, it’s a Beast so and there’s all fitness levels doing it. It’s in May. It’s May 9th. May 9th? May 7th. May 7th.

Jamie:              I will be in Virginia Beach April 20th through the 25th. So, I will be at Sled Dogs. I don’t know which day yet. I have yet to coordinate that but I’ll be moving some weight.

Chrystal:         Yeah you do.

Jamie:              You think? It’s like — dude, I drove an hour and a half —

Chrystal:         I’m driving five and a half hours to Sled Dogs so —

Jamie:              Yeah. I drove an hour and a half toady to take a client to lunch. I mean, let’s be real and you have the chance to work out at Sled Dogs. Are you fucking kidding me? Go do that. Immediately.

Chrystal:         Yeah. Immediately.

Jamie:              Alright guys. We got to go eat food.

Chrystal:         Awesome.

Jamie:              And I have to finish my second gallon of the day.

Chrystal:         But we’re also — we didn’t hand out our Snapchats either. Gosh, there’s so many social media platforms. Okay. So, also we are snapping our adventures together as well. So, if you guys want to follow us on Snap, I think it’s the same as my — as my Periscope, xtal_rose. And Jamie’s is what, pop? Jpop? She doesn’t even fricken know what her own thing is. Yay.

Jamie:              I don’t know. Let me look. So, this — I started doing all the social media stuff before I knew how to social media. So, everything is different but if you search my name I’m sure you’re going to find me.

Chrystal:         It’s xtal_rose. It’s the same as my Periscope.

Jamie:              Actually my — which one do I give them? That one or that one? Chivette or Pop?

Chrystal:         Yeah, I think Chivette is your actual.

Jamie:              So, I actually follow a website called the chive. It’s a charity organization and they’re amazing. So, I’m a Chivette. It’s C-H-I-V-E-T-T-E and then 860. I don’t know where that came from. Chivette860 on my snap. It’s a lot of my dogs.

Chrystal:         There’s a lot of dogs. Alright guys, have a good night.

Jamie:              Burritos.

Chrystal:         Burrito! Bye!

Jamie:              Later gator!

Where do you find your motivation? Is it intrinsic or extrinsic motivation?

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