3 Basics for a Wellness Transformation

3 Basics for a Wellness Transformation

Women. We are smart, ambitious and driven to success. We are the healers, athletes, doers, leaders, humanitarians, politicians, trend setters, business and technology gurus of today and our goals include world domination! But are we as dedicated to maintaining our wellness as we are to achieving our outside ambitions? Without our wellness intact, we can easily find ourselves hunched over a desk with an energy drink in one hand, and an emotional and physical breakdown in the other! If you feel though that you have to have an energy drink, make sure that you get one that doesn’t have any sugar in and isn’t that bad for you. You could take a look at something like this g fuel review to give you an idea of what else is out there. Not putting our health at the top of our to-do list can put us into major wellness default! If sugar snacking and late night burn-out sessions, caffeine overload, demanding careers and managing personal relationships (remember them?), has you feeling like a hot mess, then what you need is a wellness transformation!

Something important to note is that a wellness transformation can take form in any number of different ways. Some people change their hobbies and spend time learning a new skill that will allow them to enjoy life more. Others go to sites like and use CBD and THC to help relax. The list is endless so it’s all about knowing what works best for you.

With this being said, it can be hard to get started with this type of transformation so here are my top 3 tips to transforming your wellness for continued world domination:

3 Basics for a Wellness Transformation

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Poor sleep quality has been linked to brain atrophy, which has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Additionally, inadequate sleep can eventually turn us into emotional zombies with roller coaster emotions, slower cognitive ability, unstable metabolism and a weakened immune system. The National Sleep Foundation says 7-9 hours of sleep is the optimal range for maximum brain functionality. How is this possible you ask? Intense sleep training.

  • Don’t drink caffeine, alcohol, eat sugar or carbs four hours before your set bed time. They can all interfere with the quality of your sleep.
  • Take a hot bath. Blood is better able to circulate when it’s warm and when gravity is dispersed evenly, this is why bathing is recommended for a calming effect on stressed muscles and psyches.
  • Put your electronics down 1 hour before your bedtime to avoid blue light sensory stimulation before trying to doze off
  • Last but not least, breathe. We hold so much tension in our shoulders, back and neck that often times our breathing seems to stay in our upper body. To relax your muscles and oxygenate your whole body, lay down in a quiet spot in your home or office, where there are no distractions. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath from your abdomen to your chest while counting to 4. Hold the breath for a count of, 7 and exhale slowly for 8 counts, and repeat the exercise 4-8 times. This will help to quiet your mind, focus your thoughts on relaxing the body and getting back in tune with yourself before you rest.

Hydrate With Minerals

Our bodies are over 65% water. Water acts as a flushing mechanism for free radicals, bacteria and viruses that could impact our vital organs. Even mild dehydration can impact energy levels, which can affect the body’s ability to fight off illnesses like kidney and urinary tract infections.

A general rule for hydration is to drink 8 glasses of water a day (64 oz). This amount will give your body what it needs to more easily fight off bacteria and viruses, keep your energy and sodium levels in check, and keep your digestive system running smoothly. Equally important to hydrating is making sure to get adequate electrolytes. Electrolytes (or Ionic Salts) create an electrical charge with certain minerals in the body when they connect with water-otherwise known as organic ENERGY! So put down the sugar, and go for the IONIC Salts!

  • Add ¼ tsp (or to taste preference) of Ionic Salts to 32 oz. of water 2x’s a day. My recommendation is to purchase Himalayan Salts, which have over 84 trace mineral elements found in our bodies (including Zinc, Magnesium and Iron among other major minerals) that help our cells get nutrients where they need to be and keep our bodies working properly.
  • Add 1 drop of peppermint or lemon oil to your 32 oz. of water for flavor, or add your salts to coconut water for an added burst of natural energy.

Eat Protein and Superfoods

As women, we are especially prone to hormone deficiencies when our brain is not fed properly. And hormones can be tricky to get back under control once they’re knocked off track. So, how do we feed our brain to help our hormones stay balanced? Protein and superfoods.

Protein is a macro-nutrient that our body doesn’t store, so we have to continuously feed it to our cells in large amounts to remain healthy. Our hair, skin cells, bones, cartilage, and blood are largely made of protein and our large muscles and tissues are repaired by protein. Protein also creates hormones, enzymes and important stabilizing chemicals, and is a powerful tool in keeping our health and cognitive/logical thinking up to speed. Without protein, we see large negative fluctuations in overall wellness, not just health, as our emotions are also impacted by protein intake.

  • Eat 1 gram of protein per desired body weight to make sure you are getting the right amount.
  • Good sources of protein are: chicken, salmon, almonds, oatmeal and egg whites

Superfoods, high in nutrients and low in calories, are also a major player in balancing your body’s endocrine system, which directs your cells where to carry nutrients to. If you are trying to balance work and personal life, then you want to make sure that your endocrine system is well taken care of.

  • Superfoods include: Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Coconut Oil, Cranberries, Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Dandelion Greens, Egg-whites, Legumes, Matcha and Almonds

Bonus Tip

For busy women doing it all, time is of the essence. An easy way to get your superfoods, protein needs and daily hydration is to make this easy powerful organic OM POWER probiotic protein shake. I recommend it to all women juggling crazy schedules:

-1-2 scoops of OM Power Protein
-4 oz water, almond or coconut milk
-Ice cubes (depends on how thick you want the shake)
-1 tbsp hemp oil, flax seed oil or ground flax seed
-1 tbsp coconut oil
-1 raw egg (optional)
-1 scoop of Chia seeds (optional)
-Handful of Spinach

Fresh or Frozen berries (your choice)
1 heaping tbsp of Transforms Power Butter (nut butter)

Pour liquid in the blender, first! Start to mix as you pour the protein powder in the blender then add all ingredients and serve immediately!

Disclaimer – Some people may be concerned about the hemp oil used but this is a common misconception. This amount will have no effect on you. For more information on hemp oil visit:

Combine a routine sleep schedule with good nutrition and hydration, and soon you will feel a healthy boost in daily confidence, energy, focus, positivity, and time management in both your personal and professional life. With your new wellness transformation, you’ll feel more badass than ever to tackle world domination!

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